A mock up of what I expected from GAIN/LOSS upate

I’m not pro at editing and I spent about 5 minutes making the below. This is the type of thing I was hoping for to be honest.

I think that would fit better on the insights tab, I don’t really want any more on the portfolio page. I want to see my investments straight under the graph


This feels excatly what I’d expect to find under ‘insight’ as @Dave said above. A clean UX is half of what I love about freetrade

I’m with you.

Insights should be the exception to the rule though. That should dissect your portfolio, filter it provide tables and yields, top performers, sentiment …it should be crazy!


There should definitely be a lot more detailed performance data in the app (the kind of stuff you might put in a Google Doc or you can find on Simply Wall St) but like others have said, in the Insights tab.

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I’d mostly just like a percentage amount alongside the £ amount.

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