Add Rolls-Royce PLC (Aerospace)

Could you please add RR UK PLC to the list?
They trade under RR.L

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Did I need to add extra info?
Sorry first post :slight_smile:

Some big name stocks are missing from :freetrade: due to what’s known as national declaration.
It means that the broker you’re using has to support this before they can allow you to buy shares in a company that requires this.

A few big airlines are missing from :freetrade: because of this and Rolls Royce are another that are absent from the platform for this reason. If you search for Rolls Royce, you’ll see plenty of requests for it and some explanations as to why it’s missing for this reason.

It’s generally a good idea to search prior to requesting a given instrument (share or ETF) because it may well have been requested before. This creates duplicate topics that need to be merged and that means :freetrade: staff time. The best way to request a share is to use the form that’s located linked to in the first post in this thread. That’s the official way to “vote” for a share to be added to the platform. Though they do read the posts here, that form creates a spreadsheet that allows them to centrally view all the votes and which instruments are being requested most.

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