Adding all US tradable stocks, ETFs, preferred stocks

I am in favor of adding all tradable stocks and the ETF ,preffered stocks unless the price is below 1 USD exclude levereged ETN. You should not ask people which stocks they wanna just ADD ALL.Look on your competitor from Spain and we will see what will offer another competitor from UK i will not post the name they should start to offer commissions free trading at the end of 01/2019. WAKE UP


Thank you for this suggestion! There’s some technical & commercial considerations to take into account when it comes to adding more stocks. But we’ll continue adding to our universe (at a faster pace this year), in order to make sure that you have access to the stocks that you want to invest in :running_man:


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There have been a couple of posts in the last day, or so, about this. I was wondering what processes are involved in Freetrade adding stocks to the universe? @alexs mentioned “commercial and technical” considerations. Would be good to know what these are. Is it prospective volume/popularity that makes it worthwhile for Freetrade to list a particular stock? Are there significant costs/disadvantages involved in listing something that’s not “popular”?
Apologies if this is an incredibly ignorant question, but I’d be interested to know.

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I agree and commented in another post the same as a long time investor in the stock market, all stocks available on any exchange Freetrade offers need to be added eventually and as quickly as possible for this to be successful (which i do really want it to be:money_mouth_face:) and attract new customers of all types, with there entire portfolio and most importantly keep them long term.

The more stocks available equals more customers, more orders placed and more AUM resulting in a bigger company etc? Unless that is the compromise… zero commission trading is only possible and affordable to a company that has limitations on what stocks it offers???

Sorry if this seems negative but I ultimately think this issue will be what makes the company a massive success or failure in the face of ever increasing competition.

Now that’s of my chest i leave it in the very capable hands (so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) of our leaders and look forward to a exciting and interesting year.

Why not cover full stock universe for exchange rather than this request mechanism? I am aware there are limitation for certain stocks for additional checks but with exception of those, what prevents to cover what has been offered by stock exchange? Is it infrastructure?
Generally research of stocks happen outside freetrade and it would be frustrating for users to see stock is not available to buy.
May be I am missing something but without coverage, I see a big challenge.


You’ve just kickstarted a conversation about our plan for adding more stocks :raised_hands: we already began adding more last week but we might just step it up a gear now. We’ll share more details about our plans later in the week.

We should be able to share more details about exactly what we can / can’t add at that point then too.


It’s a little older than some of the latest replies in this thread but I’ve just moved this post & my reply over to this topic to keep all of the conversation in one place.

As promised, we did add a relatively large number of stocks to the app on Friday & we’ll answer some of the questions in this thread soon.


Seeing as this coming Friday is the last Friday in January, can we expect some US stocks? :crossed_fingers::us:

Not sure if it is a coincidence, but I noticed that most of Freetrade’s key events happen on Tuesday, including the very launch on the 18th of September, most major updates and users’ onboardings.

Friday does not seem like a day to excite people :sweat_smile:


To add some more details, the fundamental challenge here is that every new stock adds operational costs and complexity, so we want to optimise the list to be what our users want. We also need to consider the impact on user experience as there’s only so many stocks that we can add to the list in Discover (we’re at 250+ now) before it takes a very long time to scroll through them!

So we’ll be reinventing Discover in the future. And despite those considerations, as our user base grows dramatically, we’ll add more and more stocks.


Maybe break discover up in to sections - either Geographically or by Exchange?


We’ll definitely look at doing that sort of thing later this year.