Adding to the Stock Universe

(Lliam Grant) #1

Just wondering when we can expect more stocks to be added to the stock universe?

How many stocks are you thinking of adding longterm?

Are you just adding popular stocks or can we expect to find a similar range like robin hood?

(Philip Parkin) #2

I was wondering the same thing, could do with some more adventuresome stocks.


Hey! Great question.

Building up our universe is a really important priority in the works right now. We’re definitely expanding on what we have right now.

There are a few pathways we have for expanding the universe. Firstly there are major additions, where we’ll bring in a lot of stocks from a new market/exchange or a set of ETFs.US-listed stocks would fit here too.

Secondly, there are more specific stock requests from our community, who want us to add a particular security. We base our response on user demand and whether we can operationally add it at the moment.

Finally, there are interesting additions we make based on themes or events that we think our users will want access to. A recent IPO or an unusual ETF would fit here.

Often these factors combine, as our users’ requests are pretty smart!

We’ll usually mention any fresh additions in the weekly wraps, so you can stay updated there (or here in the community of course).


Some more ETFs would be greatly appreciated. You already have a Vanguard ETF (VMID) in the Stock Universe so more from them in the short-term would be hugely appreciated.

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Thanks for the reminder :wink: if you have any requests for stocks / ETFs, please do submit them here.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

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Those Oppenheimer ETFs look great as well. I’ve been submitting them via the link provided. Very excited to see the Stock Universe being expanded!

(Tony) #9

It’d be nice to have some view of the next UK stocks to appear (based on submissions via your “suggest a stock” document) as a new tab on the “Freetrade Securities Universe v1.0” document:

At the moment it feels like you suggest a stock and then … nowt. Has it been added to the list? Is there a timeline? Is there a reason it can’t be added now (but might later)? Etc.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

I totally agree, you prompted us to give this some more thought today & I think you’re going to like what we’ve come up with :eyes:


Has this just been added :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed EQQQ was added but I’m investing for dividends at the moment. Still holding out for VHYL. Glad to see new stock are being added tho.

(Emma) #13

Can there be a fractional option for the EQQQ please? :cold_sweat:



(Emma) #15


Some nice new additions

(9 or maybe 7)


Yes please. Love the addition of IDVY so I’ll be picking that up too.

(Emma) #17

Could someone explain this from the MSCI China ETF please? Is that 5% included in the price or added on in a similar way to stamp duty?



The first bullet point to the right of that table says something like:

No entry or exit charge is payable where shares are purchased/sold on a stock exchange. Investors need only pay any relevant broker and stock exchange fees and commissions.

So I guess we don’t pay it :grin:


Would it be worth highlighting the newly added stocks in the discovery tab? something like a blue dot next to the stock, the same way updated apps are shown on iOS, highliting the stocks which were added since the last time the user looked at the stocks in this tab.


Or an intercom in-app message updating us with new stocks; similar to the one we had for the instant order fix the other day.

(Viktor) #22

I quite like this idea - we’ll triage it. :slight_smile: