Show ongoing fees for Trusts and ETFs


Show any ongoing fees for Trusts and ETFs on the detail page.

Right now members need to click on the KID and then find the relevant fees, which in some cases are not obvious. Maybe the fee can also be clickable to show a popup explaining how the fee is taken.


strong +1 for this. I’ve been adding a column to a copy of the freetrade universe spreadsheet to try do this but it is a pain to maintain and in the app would be better.

I’d even place TER/OCF % into the discover list’s entries because it is a big consideration, well for me anyway.

(R) #3

Yes that would be great. The more transparency the better with fees.


A useful website for viewing ETF fees is

Here’s an example for VHYL:

You can see the fee is Capture

(Georgi) #5

This would definetely be nice + the dividend payment frequency for example quarterly, monthly etc.
Some of the ETFs are rather hard to research and that would give you a good starting point.

(Philip Greenfield) #6

I read on ii that it was a requirement to show these fees before you buy? Will this impact freetrade too? I definitely want this feature!

(Alex Sherwood) #7

We do include the KID, which lists any fees that a fund / trust charges, for every security that has one in the app. As part of our T’s & C’s, we require you to read the KID before investing -

Pre-Sale Disclosure Requirements

You should ensure that you are aware of additional fees and charges imposed by the issuer of Securities that you wish to buy, before dealing in those Securities. Examples include exchange traded funds and similar securities. Information regarding this will be made available in the relevant prospectus documents and on the websites of issuers. While Freetrade may facilitate access to this information (for example, by linking to the relevant documents from our mobile application or website), we will not be held liable for our failure to do so or the contents of the information linked to.

Key Investor Documents (KID), where available for certain Securities, will be linked to from our mobile application or website and will be available for you to review prior to placing an Instruction. By providing an Instruction, you confirm that you have read the relevant KID and agree with its contents.

But there’s always room for improvement so it would be great to go above & beyond and display these details on summary page too.