[Feature Request] Dividend and Fees overview

Hi there,

Currently I miss something that tracks the overall fees paid and dividend accumulated over time.

Now the only way to check the paid fees is to go an open each transaction in the activity page. Same for the dividend. It would be nice to have an overview of the actual fees paid and the dividend.

you can easily see them in app, at the bottom of each fund it says Costs and charges

What you are referring is an indication of the expected fees which does not reflect your actual fees.

I would like to have an overview of the accrued fees and dividend so far. Now I have to go and look at the transaction one by one which it’s not handy.

They are not expected, those are the actual fees u pay. Just divide the percentage by your total amount invested.

As far as I know they are take directly out of your return ( or added to your loss) you are not charged separately as such.

Exactly that. I just want to have an overview of the fees paid so far without having to do divisions all the time. Just to make my life easier.

You are not charged separatly but they are still fees so kind of hidden costs that you do not see directly.

You can’t. That’s my point.

Also those fees are not collected by Freetrade, they are collected by the etf manager. So you would have to ask them. Good luck lol

Maybe you cannot directly get the ETF fee but you could get the FX fee. This is data available so it should be possible to aggregate it somewhere in a nice and tidy overview.

In the activity page, if I open one transaction, I can see the voice “FX fee” so why that shouldn’t be possible if it’s already data available?

It’s Freetrade’s responsibility to inform you of the FX rate / fee, as they occur at point of purchase.

However as @Brap_the_younger mentioned the ETF fees & OCR fall under the ETF provider, they are continuous cost set by the ETF provider themselves.

I think that the separated approach of displaying costs & fees makes it clearer to understand where your money is going and to whom.