Newbie question regarding returns and fees/ongoing charges


I have a (probably very basic!) question regarding how FT includes fees/on-going charges in their return graphs. I am pretty certain that these fees and are never really ‘seen’ as such as they are included when you buy but I wondered if they were included in the returns of the historical graphs.

As an example, if we take something like SMT - for the last year it has a gain of 91.76% but according to the ‘costs and charges’ there is an ongoing charge of .69%. My question is does that total return (91.76%) include all the charges taken off or is, as is my hunch, that 91.76% the total increase of the funds price and so your actual return will be less due to the charges incurred?

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

The fees & on-going charges are taken by the fund managers from the fund itself, thereby reducing its value by whatever %. It is reducing the growth of your investment, but you’ll not see an itemized breakdown on Freetrade’s end.