More ETF details in the app

Currently, ETFs show the graph, stats, a brief “About” paragraph, and then a link to an external website for the key information document. Sometimes this link doesn’t even work (eg. IUSA). Some links don’t take you to a document about the particular ETF, but to a general page on the provider’s website (eg. EQQQ).

It would be good if some of the critical key information was actually displayed in the app. At minimum there should be a clear, upfront statement of the OFC % and any other charges.

There should also be a categorical, clear statement on if this (version of the) ETF is Acc or Inc. Some key information documents really don’t make this clear. Hopefully Freetrade can actually know for certain!

Then nice to have would be some performance details, but if we have to go elsewhere for that, so be it.

If you spot any links that don’t work / don’t link to the Key Information Document (KID), please do send us a message via the live chat to let us know so that we can fix them.

I like the idea of displaying some of the information from the KID in the app too, it’s pretty useful stuff but they often look a lot like T’s & C’s :grimacing:

Would like if it showed the listings/weightings of the ETF on the app. For instance this Fintech ETF below. I think it will help investors see if they’re too heavy on a certain stock.

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