Show ETF holdings and which ETFs have a stock


I am sure it has been asked before but would be great to show the holdings of the ETFs

The flip side would be even better - to show in each stock page which ETFs have a position in it (probably with a cutoff like 1%). Would be ever better to show the actual % holding of each etf on the stock.

Not sure how it would all work and get refreshed but some brilliant people work on Freetrade and hopefully can make it happen. Do your magic!

Sounds like a Plus feature imo.

Needless to say if I don’t see this in the next week I will transfer all my holdings and start trading options :sob::sob:

I don’t think it should be. Or at least not the top 10 holdings, it’s important information and especially for newer investors will give an idea at a glance at what an eft is made up of.

Definitely something I think should be added though


I do agree with you, best to have it in the free package from an investor POV.

Conscious though that it may require a lot of maintenance, therefore cost and that’s why I think there should be some cost recovery associated with it

Yeah I’m not sure how much work it would take, but you can pull CSVs from ishares for example and just get the holdings from that. One down, two to go :smile: not sure if there’s a similar format available for vanguard and invesco

+1 from me!

If Stock Fundamentals are going to be available to all then it makes sense for Top 10 Holdings also to be.

There is probably a way to gather this data in an automated fashion. I’ve been using @finki 's search feature which also breaks down the holdings of ETFs and Investment Trusts. (Not sure how it’s refreshed)

On top of holdings they could use to gather Domicile, Followed Index, Asset Class, Fee, Currency, Replication Method, Distribution Type & Frequency.

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I wouldn’t want to have this limited to top holdings though…

if the data of top holdings is available for ETFs, then surely it can be mapped back to the individual stocks and show which ETFs have them as top holdings?

I was just considering simplicity’s sake. Ultimately I’d like the relevant documents and the EFTs webpage linked in the EFT page it’s self which would include all that information

I’ve got all this info and I can automatically grab it for every U.K. ETF. All ETFs. All holdings. I just haven’t built it out as I didn’t think there was great demand. But maybe there is. I simply create a database of over 300k underlying etf holdings… then it’s a simple sql or api over the top and voila…can be updated on demand or daily or weekly or ‘live’ for an individual etf…


Having the top holdings and sector breakdowns for ETF’s and Investment Trusts would be really helpful and a great addition, the info is pretty easily available but it’d be nice to have in the app to save the effort searching for it.

I think this feature (but also for example indicating if the fund is accumulating or distributing) would be very useful. Currently I need to search for the fund itself on internet (and sometimes I could not find it).

Maybe, even adding a link (with an integrated web view if you do not want the user to switch to the browser) that points to the official fund description page (like the vanguard or ishares page) would be a great start.

If you have an iOS device, check out this app I’ve been working on.

Only covers IT’s and ETF’s and is a little out of date as I’ve not refreshed the data for a month.

And I just discovered that was enough to scroll down in the fund page to get more details -_-

This should be integrated for ETF’s and Trusts, and they should also use the sector breakdowns from the ETF and Trust fact sheets to align the portfolio sector breakdown for us in the insights page. As currently if you mostly hold ETF’s/Trusts it just says X% in them so your sector breakdown is pretty uninformative if it does not include the breakdown of your ETF/trusts sectors.

I have had to do this manually in an excel sheet for my portfolio but would prefer if FT just did it in the app. Along with the holding breakdowns which I have to search for myself.