View all stocks by country or type (etf, bond, trusts, etc)

Ive been trying to look into some etfs or funds and i find it really hard to actually see all the options available. I can see the Popular ones, or the new ones, but there is no option to see all etfs. It would be really useful to have see all UK and US stocks, bonds, etfs, etc, not just the new or popular ones.

As a side note, a button to allow you to re order the lists would be great, for picking new stocks and my portfolio. Seeing them ordered by price or % of portfolio, alphabetical, % change that day (this could change to weeks, months, and all time when you change the portfolio graph) would be very useful. Personally i dont sort my holding by largest to smallest, so a way to re order them would be great, even if its just a list that you edit and then they dont change places.

Today i my portfolio has gone down in value but all the stocks still show green +% next to them giving me the impression they are doing well. If i could order them by daily change it would be easy to see what did well and what didnt instead of having to go into each stock and check the 1d chart, though i this is more related to my post the other day about being able to see a % change on your portfolio. Being able to change what time scale is used for the % you see would be perfect.

What do you guys think? Is there something im missing when it comes to searching for new investments? Is there a site where i can see all the things listed on freetrade?

If you type etf in the search engine in the discover tab it will list all etf’s. Also you can search by geography, for example ‘ Uk etf’ or ‘US ETF’

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That works for ETFs and Bonds but not stocks. I still think a way to view all the instruments from each category would be useful.

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