Freetrade Stock List on Google Sheets

So after discovering this list

I used the data on there to create a new spreadsheet that was sortable and had prices

Which has made me pretty happy as everytime I look at freetrade I feel sad that I can’t sort the stocks directly on the platform and using third party stock sorting apps is useless because freetrade may not have the stock yet.

[EDIT: Link Removed - Old - See below reply for new link]

Please note that some of the ETF’s etc are incorrectly priced due to the fact that most of them are measured in pounds(GBP) rather than pence (GBX)

Hope this is helpful to anyone on here.


I’ve added the new US stocks and made a few slight alterations mainly for myself but you are all welcome to use it in whatever way you like. Hope some of it comes in handy for you. Please note that I am not a financial adviser nor do I have any professional qualifications regarding finance and investing so please don’t rely on this information. Do your research and invest accordingly. Best of luck.

I’ve also figured out how to link to make a copy of the sheet hurrah so this is a lot better than downloading to reupload and saves your precious PC drive space

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