Current Stocks & Price costs

As I don’t currently have access to Freetrade yet because of the waiting list, I’m unable to see what stocks you provide. I did come across Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy link, but it’s not working - “page not found” error. Could you please update me with the current list. Does it include ETF/ index funds?
Also, what are the costs, if any, when investing in these?
I was looking at your price page, and it mentions 'instant trades UK/US £1" what does this mean? As I was under the assumption that trades are free?


Hey @ena_b Freetrade keep it simple, they don’t charge trading fees for end of day ( Basic ) trades for funds, or shares. Hope that helps.

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Please note that ‘funds’ are not currently available with Freetrade, only stocks/shares, investment trusts and ETFs.

It’s working now. Maybe it was a temporary issue, or someone fixed it already.

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Yes this broke when we launched the new website & it was fixed earlier :sweat_smile:

BTW, I always found it a bit embarrassing that you share a spreadsheet. Why not use the spreadsheet as a datasource for a proper webpage on


Probably because there isn’t enough development time to look at it, I’m sure they’d like to have interesting pages for ETF/share like HL, which rank highly, but everything has a opportunity cost.

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