Search results to include ETFs that contain a stock searched for

When searching for a specific stock, could the search results also include any ETFs Freetrade offer that contain that stock as a holding. It should also list ETF matches when the stock searched for itself isn’t directly available (yet) on Freetrade.

So for example, a search for Microsoft, would also return iShares US Tech Sector ETF.

This would have two benefits:

  1. Easier to find ETFs that one might be interested in investing in
  2. Demonstrate the breadth of stocks available on Freetrade through ETFs

I appreciate this would be a lot of data to maintain, but I think it would be a valuable feature. (Something I’d be willing be to pay for.)

That just happens to be a Finki feature I’m currently developing for a client… it works well…

There’s no free/public version of it yet, but I could roll a limited demo out soon I should think…

Stay tuned


Thanks. I must admit I’ve not looked into what you’re doing. However, after finding your API list, I realise I’m missing out.

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What have you been doing instead? :upside_down_face:

But now you know - welcome to the club!

Lots more behind the scenes too… so if there’s anything you want chances are I have it


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That’s nifty - do you look at the entire makeup of the ETF or just the reported Top 10 holdings?


Combination of both - depending on what’s available… I also do some horribly complex OCR over the monthly factsheets to extract holdings data and the programmatically aligned them to ISINs etc… It’s a bit of a beast but someone always asks the question “what stocks does XYZ invest in?” and this goes some way to answering this recurring question… But this function is not public yet…

YES I’ve been looking for this for ages.
Build it! Build it! Build it!

Crowdfund it? Patreon?

I’ll pay. Who’s in?