ETF look through

Does FT plan to incorporate ETF look through into the Insights data?

Now for ETF investors the insights information isn’t very helpful without the analysis of the underlying.

There’s a company that offers an API
Not sure how expensive this is but would be good info and automated

I’m hoping they incorporate data for both ETF’s and investment trusts regarding top holdings and sector categorisation into the app. The holdings and sectors are key info which should be available in the app, would save me using other resources.

Also for the insights sector distribution I would hope that they account for ETF/Trust sector diversification in who they show our portfolio diversified. As currently if most of your money is in an ETF or trust the sector insights pie chart isn’t very helpful.

It is possible to do as I’ve done it on my own spreadsheet I’m assuming FT could automate it once they get ahold of the data and integrate it with FT.

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Investment Trusts would be great too. Other than going directly to the company website I have found to be really good for IT data


Here’s another


Great idea! :+1:

@sampoullain, any thoughts?

on the AMA call @Duncan mentioned “pro mode” which would be improved data within the app. I hope they consider improved data for ETFs and Trusts as well as individual stocks

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For anyone on iOS, there’s an app I have been working on for displaying ETF and Investment trust data. Currently it has around 200 listed (planning to add more).

2000 ETFs searchable here

Super fast API to power your app too if you want it

100% of holdings, not just the 30 (ish) that I limit the webpage to


I’d love to see your portfolio spreadsheet (if you have one) @finki! I’d bet it’s amazing considering what your API can do

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Thanks @finki, I’ll check it out.

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My spreadsheets are out of control

Multiple accounts, multiple currencies, ETF and IT look through to track cross holding %, dividend historical and future projects, fund fees and so on

It’s borderline too much information

There’s a point where information is just noise and blinds you

My portfolio tends to grow if I don’t look at it

Tweaking too often is your enemy

Don’t take my advice. I don’t.

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I hear you with that. I think I’ve just about got the perfect balance with mine but I find myself adding more too. I find it helps me ignore the red days if I’m focusing on improving my spreadsheet :joy:

I’d love to figure out a way to show my top holdings and their weighting using your ETF API though

The top 30 are on the website. No need for the API. The URL is structured and therefore reverse engineer-able. I wouldn’t tell you to ‘scrape my site’ …but… it’s entirely easy to do… hack the ISIN and weight… spreadsheet… maths.

Honestly. Pretty easy if you can use importData in G Sheets or you know the xmlHttp method in Excel.

If that makes no sense. Email me your data.



Just brilliant

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Part time comedian. :confused:

stop!.. you’re killing me…

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Love the site so please don’t take this as a complaint, but is there any reason why FSKY isn’t on there?

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