ETF - See Through

So, just received my SIPP cash into Freetrade and I’ve just bought various ETFs at hopefully some bargain prices.

Now, my only issue is that the analysis functionality is limited. I am not saying any broker has anything better - but there is huge opportunities for Freetrade to leap competitors.

Atom Finance - has a really nice aggregator of portfolios and provides a “lookthrough” functionality - thus being able to see the underlying stocks that an ETF is holding. I feel this is massive in-terms of transparency and essential for increased analytics.

I do know Atom can pull in investment portfolios from certain providers - however at this stage I believe it’s only US based companies and uses plaid. Atom charges $9.99 per month for this. Something I’m sure Freetrade users would very easily pay £2-3 for an analytics bolt-ons on top of the plus membership.

I envisage a view that combines all the underlying ETF holdings and outright stock investments - this view can then be cut by sectors, ccys, product, countries or anything else Freetrade can imagine.

Freetrade should then give the portfolio a risk rating measure for diversification and volatility - something thats fundemental to encouraging safe long term investing by the growing global retail users.

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