Tool for finding UK accessible ETFs that are holding shares in a particular company?

I found a nifty tool that lets you bang in a company name and it shows ETFs that have holdings of that company but I was wondering if there were was a similar tool that looked at ETFs that are available in the UK and/or also stocks listed in the UK/EU?

The Stock Finder Tool helps you find an ETF’s allocation to a certain stock. The tool is limited to U.S. common equities listed on U.S. stock exchanges.


Been meaning to build exactly that for ages now but never got around to it.

Might look at it again.



Ok, ok. Thanks for your emails clogging my inbox!

I’ll start building this ETF-what-holds-what-web search-thingy-tool really soon…it seems you guys want it!!! :star_struck:


Oops, sorry!

No worries. Finally found a few hours.
Here’s version 0.001
Highly likely to contain a few errors
Highly likely to be a little slow
But, enjoy

Now you can see what ETF hold stocks you’re interested in.
Basic, I know, but it kinda works!
:upside_down_face: :grinning:


This is awesome, thank you so much!

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Just tried it out myself, seems really good. Thank you @finki

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