AFC Wimbledon are crowdfunding on Seedrs

AFC Wimbledon is building a new stadium, and will raise money on Seedrs.


Campaign now live for those who pre-registered


This is a really interesting one. I wonder if they can attract a wider audience beyond their own fans?

That would help a lot in terms of smashing their target. Nice start so far though! :soccer:


I’m not a fan, but have gone in with a token investment due to the novelty


It’s an amazing story, for sure!


I’m sure they will. The AFC Wimbledon story is very well know among football fans and a large part of the general public as well, so I’m positive they’ll get a lot of interest across the spectrum because of that.

They’ll probably get a couple of newspaper spreads off the back of this, which won’t hurt either.

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As an Evertonian I feel it’s only right to invest a little in Wimbledon, just like the club did back in 94. :grin:

Hope it goes better than Owna FC. :grimacing:

Without me having to make a seeders account, what is the exit strategy? How do you get your money back? Is it 10% off a season ticket for life.

Exit strategy = promotion to the Premier League within two years, then split the cash! :rocket:


How much is a current share? And they giving a bonus for funding?


High risk then! :grinning:


Arsenal Fan here but I invested. There will be this feel good factor watching them win and gain promotion to the EPL. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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AFC Wimbledon raising on Seedrs. I like the idea of investing in football especially a fast growing club.

Already here:

:pray: for directing me there :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

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How much is a share?

£1 per share so you can invest from £10. You can read about it all here.

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I’m thinking in investing a small sum, with the idea of selling my shares in the Seedrs secondary market when/if they reach the Premier League, as I understand there’s not likely to be an exit, ever (like other crowdfunding projects that may IPO or be bought by another company) :thinking:

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