Seedrs raising £4.5M. One of Neil Woodford’s firms one of the 2 investors

I could not find a topic that dealt directly with Seedrs so I created this. Move if there is already one


No date set yet. The platform used will be Seedrs itself. They state all existing shareholders will be able to participate and that they may open it to all Seedrs users.


Don’t know whether it’s available to public but already crossed 400 %

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This round is convertible. No share price

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I think you had to pre-register to be able to invest

Seedrs have partnered with Capdesk to allow companies that haven’t raised via Seedrs to be traded on their secondary market.

Maybe FT can comment on if that’s something they would consider in the future?


This should first be allowed by Crowdcube. They have not announced a secondary market anytime soon.