Access to and integration with crowdfunding platforms

Having the ability to invest in primary crowdfunding raises and trade on secondary markets (i.e. Seedrs) of crowdfunding platforms from your :freetrade: GA, ISA and SIPP would be amazing. It would turbo charge the crowdfunding sector and the AUA of :freetrade: This would be a game-changer that would make the whole online brokerage sector talk about :freetrade: as innovating on functionalities and a leader.

Moreover, :freetrade: would be able to have a commission-sharing agreement with those platforms that, relatively to listed markets, charge insane amounts of commission both on primary (they charge the startups) and secondary markets (they charge buyers and sellers). This could generate a lot for the top and bottom lines of :freetrade:

I am surprised this is not appearing on the Ideas list

:freetrade: need to get involved. This is going to be big.

CapDesk are working on broker integration for unquoted company secondary share marketplace and they have already done this for Seedrs (old news):