Agronomics 🌿🥩 ANIC - Stock Discussion

This investment firm invests in the environmental production of foods, such as plant-based meat.

Extremely well organised and concise business pitch that plans to build a diversified portfolio.

Putting the ethical argument aside, lab grown meat will consume far less resources and be more cost efficient than traditional agriculture. I really don’t see a reason why this won’t be a winner in the long term. The management looks to be top tier and know the industry well.

Anyone have any doubts? I’d love to hear counter arguments before I pump even more money into this


They were consulting on delisting from the stock market due to funding issues. I haven’t heard an update on it (may be I’ve missed it).

Anyway, even if they don’t delist it’s expected that they will have further fund raises which will correct the SP by a bit which may be a better time to buy.

*I got in at 8 and sold at 20 so I don’t hold at the moment

The company got an overwhelming vote to stay public:

Since then, Agronomics has invested in start-ups such as BlueNalu - and it is those investee companies that are attracting investment. In the case of BlueNalu it was $60mil.

The half-year report was also extremely promising; Agronomics’ assets grew by 61% and the share price has gone up massively despite the fundraiser in October making the company nearly $10mil.

I can’t upload the report because I’m new, but it can be found here in the Jan half year report

Overall, very bullish on this. Hopefully I’ll be able to match your amazing returns

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Cool! I missed that RNS.

EAT Beyond is another one based in Canada.

Obviously not listed here but available elsewhere.

I’m up 50% today!!

I’m glad it’s continuing to grow so much!

Even at the current price, I still think the stock is undervalued to be honest. The financials of the company and it’s proven ability to attain funding is amazing. I have no doubts about its long term growth

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Anyone know why we’ve dropped about 30% in the space of half an hour?

The market did not like the proposed fundraising RNS which was issued at 10:40

11 May 2021

Agronomics Limited

(“Agronomics” or the “Company”)

Proposed Fundraise to raise minimum £50 million

Conditional Subscription and launch of proposed Placing by way of accelerated bookbuild

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I’m thinking about buying this but am worried about potential dilution of my holdings if they place further shares at big discounts with institutional investors. I think this is what happened very recently and caused the sharp drop in price.

What do people think about this risk? I guess us retail investors do not benefit from any pre-emption rights?

Agronomics is a good way to gain exposure to the artificial meat theme, here’s the official November 2021 update - you just need to enter an email address.

Or else, here is the portfolio slide:

In my opinion it’s currently overpriced. The official fair price is around 13 pence. Although this price is based on the portfolio not having moved much since they were added to the portfolio. So you’d expect to pay a premium as prices should have nudged upwards. I guess if you believe in the theme there is huge growth potential here.

However, Agronomics is assuming a huge reduction in costs (see Moo’s law slide). The counter argument is that the costs and technical challenges will never be overcome.


In my top three holdings, I’m bullish.

View it as a VC fund, only one of the investments needs to explode or go public for healthy returns.

I think multiple companies in there portfolio will exit successfully

Any thoughts on the recent movement? Jim Mellon seems to be a safe pair of hands and the lack of competition seems to be astounding and pleasing for the long term prospect of Agronomics. Also but not related I saw the government in the Netherlands recently put it out their that they are investing in cellular agriculture. Is there a downside?

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Interview with Jim Mellon and Anthony Chow of Agronomics;

Discussing scope of the fund, market share and opportunity for growth


One of Agronomics investees wins FDA approval

Beavering aways in the background ANIC made a further investment into Liberation Labs, a company which will focus on producing novel proteins. Think milk without the cows!

The investment will go towards building their new factory.

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Not one of Agronomics’ investees (insofar as I am aware) but interesting to see how the market is developing. And competition is developing

Fairly certain Ivy Farms is not an Agronomics Investee. But useful update on the progress of the cell. ag. sector

Update from what I suppose is a competitor for Agronomics. It would seem that the race for cell cultured meat is heating up (geddit). BSF are not currently on FT.

ANIC notice of investment into Wild Microbes. A new company focused on producing microbes that will help bring down the cost of cellular agriculture. As I understand it there are a limited number of microbes on the market that are used as the scafolding for the cellular agricultural process. This company plans to grow this aspect of the market place and in doing so this will likely bring down the cost of microbes and expand the market place.