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A bit confused… where you saw that?

I’m asking because there’s no set time they start trading on the secondary market, yesterday DoorDash started around 6pm GMT and started around 5:30pm GMT.

I dont work for Freetrade no clue lol you can grab it on IG

Of course Im just going off other forums and feedback from my peeps in the US

Nasdaq replied to FT on twitter. Should not be long from now.


How do I request for NNDM to be added to FT??

Has it been stopped or something?

Not sure CNBC have indicative $154 and to open soon.

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Nothing yet :smirk:

The stock is expected to begin trading between 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m. Eastern Time

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No chance

No chance of?

Him investing 1m

Always one! :sweat_smile:



Eek it seems so gnarly this ipo at historic s&p levels during a pandemic where gdp is significantly affected throughout.

Somebody please do a poll on here, who is buying, who is waiting until the dust settles.


That’s a lot :roll_eyes:

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Love it :joy:

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Let me get this straight; When Airbnb ipo is available to retail investors, can the opening price instantly be like double the actual ipo price?

Yes, it probably will.

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