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Will the ticker be available to trade on ipo day next Wednesday or will FT need to request it’s addition once live?

will this be on free trade once it IPO’s?

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I would also like to know when this will be available to buy on Freetrade. Looks like trading will begin on December 10th.


Thanks Adam. @Freetrade_Team can you elaborate on this please?

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Happy Friday :wave:

We’re getting ready for the $ABNB IPO on Thu 10th Dec (corrected, not Wed 10th)

In fact, if you search for it on your Discover tab now you might get a little surprise:

We plan to enable this on your app as soon as it’s available to investors on the secondary market.

It can sometimes take a few hours for this to happen, so it won’t be at market open. In recent big IPOs, for example, we’ve seen securities become available on the secondary market late afternoon UK time.

We’ll also send a push notification when this is available — and of course, this forum will be the first to know!

You can also check all upcoming IPOs on our IPO tracker.

Next week, we’ll also see, DoorDash and PubMatic on Wed 9th Dec:

When you invest, your capital is at risk


Thanks Sam!

This is great news :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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:clap::clap:thanks Sam!

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Thanks so much Sam, that was so much more than I was expecting. FT continues to surpass my expectations!


we all know here that this is a much anticipated stock. Lets use this opportunity before the ipo to predict how the stock performs at open. Will it go down like FB did or reach an ATH at open eod?

"Spare rooms ’ :grin:


I’m tempted to say it’ll perform like Facebook did.

The IPO prospectus did make me laugh. It used the word ‘community’ more times than the disaster that was WeWork’s S-1 did. An impressive feat.


The question is : once IPO has been and gone is the price going to ultimately dump before slowly rising ? The temptation is to jump on board ASAP but I feel that numerous people who have been able to get the IPO will sell ASAP and then it will dump…


I’m with you on this one I think. I’m gonna hold out, enjoy the coaster from the queue and perhaps jump aboard when the ground levels out :man_shrugging:t2: I maybe wrong though. Let’s enjoy the ride either way

I think it might well go up, I’m sure I read a bigger valuation pre covid which it could return to. And its a tech company :crazy_face:

I get the feeling everyone is gagging for holidays, particularly busy, city based ones (bored of lockdown) and will be less keen on hotels and cruises where everyone mixes a lot. Just a guess.


Absolutely love the descriptions for the businesses :joy: spare rooms lol how will wish be described :joy:

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I’ve added this to my watch list - but oddly it says -6% before it’s even gone public?

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This is a known bug, I had the same and mentioned it to them on the in app chat. They are working on it.

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