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IPO expected early 2021

Coinbase announced the submission of the Form S-1 on December 17th 2020. The form is expected to become effective after the SEC completes its review process.

Another interesting read: Coinbase's upcoming IPO won't be ignored by Wall Street

UPDATE: apologies for the incorrect date originally mentioned in this report. I found it on a forum, but after further research concluded it to be unsubstantiated.

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I hope this isn’t behind the paywall of Plus. It would be good to get confirmation of this?

IPOs are always in the free tier

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Can you link me the source on that plz? Can’t find it on Google.

There is no date confirmed for the IPO unless you have a reliable source you could point us to and moreover 25th Feb is a Thursday.


Use the request form. This part of the forum should honestly be closed, IMO, if they want people using the new system.

Yes apologies, I had read in a forum that the day would be around this time. However, after reviewing the forum it seemed to be unsubstantiated. I included the date merely to put pressure on Freetrade to offer this stock as soon as it becomes available.


Just gimme that date. Might be the first IPO I get involved with, not cos I massively love the company, just cos it’s something I could see holding long term.

I’m gonna message Hargreaves Lansdown and see of they can get me on the list, once the listing is announced. No idea how this stuff works.

Anyone got any updates on this? Ive never partaken in an IPO before but feel this one could be right for me. I know its sounds stupid but is it the same as buying normal shares? Just wait to the morning of the IPO and hit buy in the app or do you have to do anything different?


Unlikey to be morning for us in the UK

Hi @Prentz9, and welcome to the forum :wave:

Buying shares of a company which has just IPO’d is exactly the same as buying shares in any other company, but there are some important details to note ahead of them becoming available to invest in.

Most notably, that the stock does not become available to the retail investor until usually a couple of hours at least after market open.

You might like to check out this article which @DavidK wrote a couple of months ago which has the full details of what happens behind the scenes:

We’ll add big IPOs like Coinbase the moment we can!


Im really excited about Coinbase going IPO much more than Dr. Martens :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Agreed - just want to make sure i dont miss it!

The winklevoss billionaires :rocket:

the amount of cash VCs in Silicon valley are pumping into blockchain and bitcoin things – its inevitable

This is going to be juicy, as long as we get access to it as soon as it IPOs, instead of a day late, so we don’t miss out.


Retail investors will always come second on IPO day


Might have to set aside some money to jump on this one when it comes.