How to buy Dogecoin in the UK

I’m after buying some dogecoin and was wondering if anyone could recommend an app in UK to do that.

Or actually will Freetrade be adding doge in the near future?

Sorry if I shouldn’t have asked considering the recent events.

Thanks Andy

I personally can’t help you with any suggestions sorry. No idea on dogecoin. Sounds a bit of a dog :joy:

Crypto is something freetrade are looking into and actually was hiring (possibly still are) for a crypto manager to explore implementing ability to buy crypto in the app in the future.


Ahhhh I think I’ll just wait, I don’t trust these other companies and not sure about how they charge their fees.

If freetrade add it then that’s perfect for me. Thanks mate :relaxed:


Principal Product Manager - Cryptocurrency

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You can get doge on Binance and Kraken. Kraken is reasonable for fees. Sometimes there withdrawal fees can be steep for small amounts so depends if you’re happy to just keep it on the exchange


You can use coinbase pro and binance combo as well. Top up using coinbase pro with your debit card, purchase btc, transfer that to binance and trade btc for doge. The reason for workaround is that binance charges high fees to topup in their platform.

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What about BC Bitcoin -

Has anyone used them to buy any crypto and transfer to your personal wallet?

Coinbase in the UK

Coinbase doesn’t have dogecoin?! At least I couldn’t find it.


Thanks for using my referral, we can both buy some dogecoin now for free :clap:

Oooooo scummy gits, you can see your free $25 worth of CRO ( coins) but you have to unlock them by buying a steel debit card, to buy the cheapest steel card you have to buy 5000 CRO (£250) and hold them in your account for 6months after which you’re free to do what you like with them.

Always a catch eh :relieved:

No catches using Freetrade though and very straight forward, crypto.c on is quite awful to navigate and I feel that if I pressed the wrong thing I’d kick start some charges :joy:

Coinbase does not support dogecoin.


Theres nothing like freetrade out there for cryptocurrency, i just want to buy £10-20 worth of doge and forget about it lol

Yeah, not for doge I guess. :smiley:
But for many other altcoins, coinbase Pro is really cheap and good.

Crypto exchanges rely on their various and types of fees to make money as do the miners. So I can’t see how there can be a Freetrade Crypto

I can recommend binance.It as close to FT for crypto as I’ve found.

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Sorry, my mistake.

Just a heads up, I’d make sure you do a lot of research on any crypto purchase…

Annoyingly at the moment the news is simply shouting :dog2: 800% up!!! Which makes it sound so attractive…

Since this point it has crashed (a lot of slightly earlier investors will still be in the green)

, meaning numerous people have put money in, likely seen their investment halve and cashed out worrying its going closer to zero…

I’m pro crypto, but it’s definitely a rollercoaster, and one you need to be mentally and financially prepared to ride…

PS. I know there are lots of people who have made bucket loads… I too one day wish to be one of these people, but it is far far from guaranteed.

Other pointers

  • make sure you’re extremely careful with exchange passwords, there’s a lot of phishing and hacking
  • make sure you use 2FA
  • if you can carefully work it out, work out how to move your exchange coins to a wallet (but you need to do this very carefully)
  • be aware there are some tax implications to crypto trading, from income tax on mining, to capital gains on gains (allowances come into play as usual)

DYOR good luck

Good luck


Thank you, all security turned on now :wink:

Also figure out what wallet you’ll be using. A lot of people were stung when they downloaded the official dogecoin wallet then bought coins for it without realising they’d have to spend 2 weeks to a month downloading the Blockchain before they can access the funds

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