How to buy Dogecoin in the UK

I only bought 400 dogecoins and just checked how to sell coins if needed and it says I need 550 coins minimum to withdraw to TGBP :roll_eyes:

Dogecoin isn’t really designed for such small amounts as it’s not a well used currency so that doesn’t surprise me. You’ll have to add a little extra and hope for an increase in the price.

Super volatile investment though as literally the only reason it climbed last week was because of Reddit and Twitter hype.

Option 1: When you want to sell, buy an extra 180 Doge immediately before selling. Note that since there’s probably a fee to buy, you’ll have to swallow this.

Option 2: Withdraw your funds to an exchange which lists Doge (e.g. Binance), trade to another crypto (e.g. Bitcoin), withdraw to an exchange which allows GBP withdrawals (e.g. Coinbase), withdraw BTC as GBP.

Option 2 is more work but probably saves you a few £… or pence. Check the rates first.

Edit: Just checked and 400 Doge is about $16 right now. So… just go with option 1.


Seems it might go trending today again, I just manage to buy in Biance app seems a good one but I’m very new in there

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This aged well :laughing:

Hi Guys… can you suggest me a reliable app to buy the Dogecoin with GBP ?

Kraken / binance

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Thanks… which has the lower fees?

Dogecoin has not been under active development since November 2019 Commits · dogecoin/dogecoin · GitHub

I love watching this

And yet here it is slowly rising again :man_shrugging:t3:

@BackDaws Papa Elon tweeted

Yeah that was this morning and it did its thing and dropped back down again, but it’s been creeping back up for the past couple of hours.

Also think it’ll start jumping about once the US market closes in a few mins

Papa Elon and Gene Simmons tweeted

Robinhood in the Us is the goto place for $DOGE .They made the right call unlike so many apps who didnt take DOGE seriously ((i hate you Coinbase whyyyyy!!!))

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I’m using Crypto com at the moment RH isn’t available in the UK anymore.

also the Kraken exchange. it’s a good site/app.

i think the $DOGE mania is over for now, its not longer in top 10 on reddit :laughing: and r/wallstreetbets has gone quiet.

r/ethereum, r/cryptocurrency, r/investing and r/StockMarket still going strong … also r/accounting :laughing: r/excel are somewhere in top 20 :smiley: whyyy


((too late i’m maxed on eth))

I was actually thinking the same thing as right now for the rest of this year I cannot buy/sell any shares (my job is a pain- dont ask!)

But I was thinking of trying out Crypto as an alternative and like the posts in this thread I too was wondering if anyone had info on Crypto apps that are as close to Freetrade as possible? Doubt there would be but im looking for something that is simplistic, cheap fees, quick to buy/sell, has good range of coins and if possible can transfer your coins to an offline wallet easily?

The three main ones that pop up are Coinbase, Kraken and Binance. Coinbase seems to the most popular but people say it is limited in coins and fees are not great?

Any thoughts or experience in this, im all ears,

Coinbase and are probably your best bets based on your requirements.