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I’ve added this to my watch list - but oddly it says -6% before it’s even gone public?

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This is a known bug, I had the same and mentioned it to them on the in app chat. They are working on it.

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Anybody know what time Airbnb ipo’s on FreeTrade?

Can you please list airb and b when it ipo’s next week

It’s already on the app as a listing with a ‘coming soon’ notice. Pretty sure they said it will be live as soon as it hits the secondary market (so possibly a couple of hours after the open


I am sure you will get notified in app actually.

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a good start to the week.

The Airbnb IPO is expected on Thu 10th Dec.

As we mentioned above:


Here’s @DavidK’s Airbnb IPO breakdown, ahead of the big day on Thursday.

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Airbnb raised price range to between $56-$60, so revised valuation could be $42B - looks like they are sensing the demand/enthusiasm

Call me cynical, but I reckon much of the excitement surrounding the IPO is being created by retail traders.

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I totally agree… seems to be a trend in certain IPO’s.

Put in to perspective


Ohhhh now do a trillion :wink:


31,709 years.


Anybody know what time (UK) these go live on freetrade?

Hi there @Sampimblett, first of all, welcome to the forum!

The Airbnb IPO is tomorrow. Today, we have DoorDash, and PubMatic.

Waiting on these hitting the secondary market now. It can take a few hours sometimes.

Then we’ll push the button and they’ll be on your app.

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“IPO: It’s Probably Overpriced”

Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor

Edit: Chapter 6


Then there are exceptions like Snowflake :wink:

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So at free-trade we only have secondary access to ipo’s? So are we expecting to get abnb today or tomorrow?

Airbnb doesn’t IPO until tomorrow