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I thought I was being stupid buying yesterday at $100 but its $120 now :joy:


Trading already at 152$

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Oh wow that’s a lot the question is???! Is it worth???!! Or is a risk?!

Come on’ FT let us at it! :raising_hand_man:t2:

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Is it a risk? Look at snowflake now from when it was launched

Can’t even trade yet on FT

Guys common…so much marketing and couldn’t keep to your word.

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…the price just was $165…

Not bad for a company that laid off staff ( hopefully they got keep their options ) and raised rounds to keep afloat earlier this year.

whos buying at this price??? :smiley:

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He’s still got that million to blow :joy:


100% in at that price, but by the time we get access could be another story…

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We pushed it live — around 2 mins after it became available on the market.

Check your app any minute now!

Capital at risk


What did I say man :joy::joy::joy::joy:

sorry i checked it wasnot there :[[[[[

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Still not live for me. Closed app and restarted.

Not live for me either

still not available to buy

Nothing here either, can still see placeholder and it can’t load any pricing…

I haven’t had access to buy shares yet today! Checked the app all day! And now missed the massive opportunity, thanks Freetrade!

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It isn’t live mate.