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ABNB might not be the best place to start if you are new (or even if you aren’t).

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The question is - where will it be when it’s available on FT!?

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Guessing it opens above $180

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Will fractional shares be available when it launches?


At the peak no doubt…

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:rotating_light: What came first?! Pump or the dump?!


Thanks can you kindly direct me where to like where to start as new trader thanks :blush:

Yes .

Good place to start


I can put down £1m, Freetrade will reject all orders for the first 45 mins. I need some to prove me wrong.

What time can we buy on freetrade?

You don’t have £1m to put down


When do the first 45 minutes start?

in 9 mins

Why 9 minutes from now?

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robinhood launches around 4:30pm

That’s when we can buy?

A bit confused… where you saw that?

I’m asking because there’s no set time they start trading on the secondary market, yesterday DoorDash started around 6pm GMT and started around 5:30pm GMT.

I dont work for Freetrade no clue lol you can grab it on IG

Of course Im just going off other forums and feedback from my peeps in the US