All crowdfunding investors - let us know your Freetrade email addresses

After the last crowdfunding round, we’ll be adding badges to your profiles in the app & in the community forum within the next week or so. The in-app badges will be added for investors from every round, not just round 4 :eyes:

To make that process as quick as possible, if you use a different email address to login to Freetrade or for your forum account, than the one that you use for Crowdcube, then please let us know those addresses.

If you use the same email address for every account, there’s no need to complete this form :+1:


Glad to see options for all three!

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Hi @Alex, my forum badge has updated but I’ve noticed no change in the app (user id: 15495) after submitting my email. Also not received any rewards yet, but I assume that hasn’t happened.

Hey Adam we’re planning to give out the in-app badges & rewards after our 5th round.


5th round is the latest Crowdcube round?


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I see so how can I get the R5 badge

Can someone tell me how to get my badge updated to founding member. I initially invested in round 3 and the last round.

Go to your Profile>preferences>title

You should be able to select other titles from the drop down based on the group’s you have been placed on. If one of your titles is not there you will have to contact the Freetrade team.

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Thanks,I was wanting the “Investor R5” changed to “Founding Member”

Should all be there:


Thanks I only have investor RD option

Just trying to get R5 investor, but I have no title tab to change to in my profile. Anyone with any idea how to add?

I’m also not seeing any option to add the title / badge to my profile as an R5 investor… @Freetrade_Admin any ideas?