Important: Investor groups and flairs

Hey everyone. With a whole new bunch of investors on our hands from Crowdcube R3, we’ve updated our flairs and grouping system.

We currently have 5 groups, each with their own super-stylish flair:

A share investors
R1 investors
R2 investors
R3 investors
(And Freetrade staff)

Here’s how we’re ranking the groups for the many cases where someone belongs to more than one (this is purely for prioritising your group - we love all of you!)

If you invested in Round 3 and a previous round, we’ll add you to the Round 3 group in the big batch once we get the details from Crowdcube.

Right now, the only forum identifier is the flair and you can only sport one at a time. So for now, it doesn’t make a difference to be added to an extra group. In the future, we might have extra forum goodies for multiple round investors so you will definitely be added.

A share>R1>R2>R3

If you’re an investor in any of these groups and signed up to the forum with the same email you used for Crowdcube, we’ve added you to into your group already.

We’ll also add any Round 3 investors currently in the forum to their group when we get the list from Crowdcube.

If you’ve just joined the forum, buzz us (@Toby, @Viktor) and we’ll add you!


@Freetrade_Team @adam I appreciate wanting to recognise and reward A share investors, but I feel on this heirarchy R1 investor has more weight than A share investors as it shows those that have been in from the beginning. New A shareholders will come in from R3, which is fantastic, but we may never have made it to R3 with even the smallest of R1 investors. How about further dividing A share badges into the rounds they joined?

Jump the queue plus: Freetrade Alpha for free for life, a “Founding Member” badge on your profile & get the swag pack too.

What about the “Founding Member” badge?

Hi @GMCay, we debated this ourselves. We did consider maybe R1 had more cache but concluded that A shares were ultimately better going forward. Be happy to switch you to an R1 flair for now if you prefer?

Personally feel that further sub-badges might be too much, but could be a solution. Let’s canvass the community and the team!

It’s fairly granular already, I reckon don’t slice it up any further.

Pre-launch the community focus has rightly been on investment, but post-launch a lot of emphasis should move to product usage, right? So you might find you want to add a dimension indicating a user’s usage of FT - whether a user trades or not, or whether they’re alpha or not, or whatever. At that point it might make sense to collapse the R1, R2, R3, A share groups down to is-an-investor. I know that being an investor and being a trader are orthogonal, so you might be one, neither or both, so it Gets Complicated, but I wouldn’t add more complication now :slight_smile:


tbh I only posted that to see what flair I gots


So have you already started badging people for Round 3?

Yes but only for people who request. We haven’t badged people in a big batch.

Okay I was wondering where’s my badges :smile:

Any previews of what the "Founding Member” badge will look like?

Hey looks like you’re already an R2 investor so that would supersede an R3 badge.

Still planning potential for founding member flairs - imo best part of founding member is the free alpha for life (but badges are cool too)

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There is an idea for the founding member badge, just make it a bit smaller :joy:


I agree with split as things stand and I too think it best not to separate out any further.

Am also interested to see founder flair… :hammer:

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@Freetrade_Team_Design has the design for that, as I think it will be on your profile screen in the app as well. Coming back to this soon.

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These guys have the same idea image


Whoa! Hold on does this mean we get to have more than one badge next to our avatar?


Grading could be simply based on the number of years with Freetrade as a customer.


Gamification :moneybag:

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MFW I get a badge:

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@Chris that GIF is too good not to upload.