How do I add my investor tag

Hi, I made an investment in the most recent crowdfund round but can’t find a way to add my tag, I’ve tried the FAQs and searched through different threads but can’t seem to find anything, does anyone have a link with instructions?

You need to be in the group associated with the investment round. and select request for the right one, a member of the Freetrade team should then accept and you should be sorted.

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Im in the same situation - I believe the recent crowdfund was R6? and the group hasn’t been created?

R5, in which I first invested, has also been closed so am unable to request the badge being added…

I wasn’t overly sure what the last round was, have just tried to join R4. I suppose they’ll just reject it.
Strange that the R5 group is closed, but at least I know how to do it now.
Hopefully the R6 group will be opened soon.

It did take a while last time, particularly as they sold the returned shares a bit after the main sale.

yes if they could open R5 I also invested and would like to add the tag

Sorry for the wait, everyone! We’ll be giving you the right badges within days. The earliest funding round you participated in will display next to your name. Thanks for bearing with us a little bit more!


Thanks for the reply Viktor :+1: - looking forward to getting our badges!


Hi Viktor this will be done automatically or do we need to request to join the relevant group you fall into

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Cheers Viktor, :blush:

I appreciate that Everone at Freetrade is MASSIVELY Busy at the minute, especially with the testing/rollout of Freetrade Plus and the testing for the European Expansion of Ireland, Netherlands, France and Germany.
Keep Up the Great work !!! :slight_smile::+1:


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