Round 4 investors now have their forum badges 🏅

I’ve just added all of the round 4 investors who have community accounts to the Investor R4 Group & anyone who earned Founding Member status to that group too.


If you haven’t received your badge and you use a different email address to login to this site, than the address that you use to login to Crowdcube, please submit your email address via this form.

If you haven’t received your badge and you use the same email address to login to this site as you do to login to Crowdcube then please go to the Group & use the request button, to request membership.

Let me know if you have any other questions :smile:


If you have an R3 badge do you still get an R4?

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Yes still you’ll be a member of the round 4 investors group too. If you’d like to show the R4 badge on your profile, rather than your badge from an earlier round then please send me a message.

Yay :tada::tada::tada:
Looks beautiful :heart_eyes:


Let’s parade those badges proudly around! :slight_smile:


:clinking_glasses: to the future of freetrade (and my bank account)


Gotta flex on the normies


@Freetrade_Team1 I used for both the same email but still don’t have any bage :frowning: could you check please

But I can see your badge :eyes:


I swear this wasn’t there before haha :slight_smile:


But it’s overwritten my Founding Member badge, was that supposed to happen?

Edit, You can change which badge title shows next to your name, who knew? :smiley:


Maybe the site’s having caching issues, try refreshing your window - you do still have the Founding Member badge :+1:

Happy days! I love it :smiley:

:partying_face: Whoop! When do we get our in-app ones? :smiley:

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I can’t wait for that too! XD

@Freetrade_Team1 I am sure you have mentioned or it was discussed before, but could you refresh us (me) on the difference between Founding Member and Investor R1 badges. I’m guessing it has something to do with investment levels?

Yes that’s right, you earned the Founding Member badge is you invested:

  • £5,000+ in round 4
  • £5,000+ in round 3
  • £1,000+ in round 2
  • £1,000+ in round 1

You can see the full list of rewards for rounds 1 - 3 here -

& the round 4 rewards here -

What rewards would you like to receive for investing in Freetrade? 🎁 - #94

Enjoying my new shiny status :hugs:

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Thanks. How do I switch to the Investor R1 badge? I like it better than founding member.

Click on your profile, settings, scroll down to title and click the one you prefer.

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