Important: Investor groups and flairs

(Will Sherwood-King) #22

Hey guys,

So I’m a round 3 investor and using same email as my crowdcube account. Don’t have a badge yet or am I waiting for you guys to receive the list from Crowdcube regardless of whether i’m using the same mail or not?



Hey Will - we’re planning to add in a big swoop once we get the details from Crowdcube but I can put you in the group now. So you’re ahead of the game.

(Will Sherwood-King) #24

Thank you sir!

Loving the medal :smiley:

(Ashish Raval) #25

Toby, I am Round 2 founding member for which I think I have the badge. Could you add me to Round 3 investor too as I have invested in R3 too.


Can’t wait to get my R3 medal! :grinning:


You wait no longer!


If you invested in Round 3 and a previous round, we’ll add you to the Round 3 group in the big batch once we get the details from Crowdcube.

Right now, the only forum identifier is the flair and you can only sport one at a time. So for now, it doesn’t make a difference to be added to an extra group. In the future, we might have extra forum goodies for multiple round investors so you will definitely be added.


I just activated your R2 flair - founding member badges are coming!


Yay :grin::+1:

(Nicolo S) #31

Would love to be added too :grinning:

(Chris) #32


You’re R3 right?

(Nicolo S) #34

Yes i’m R3 :slightly_smiling_face:




Great to be on board :slight_smile:️ R3 investor :raised_hands:

(Viktor) #38

Welcome on board! :raised_hands:


Can you activate my R3 flair? It’s only fair I get special treatment too. :relieved:


Wear it in good health!

(Adam) #41

Any idea when Crowdcube will provide the details for the R3 batch?


Hey Crowdcube will be sharing round details including those for rewards with us shortly.

Then we’ll be designing up some excellent R3 swag before sending to all you fine folk.