Important: Investor groups and flairs


Is this a new development, or is “R3 swag” part of the investor swag pack rewards? :hushed:


Yep that’s the R3 swag pack listed in investor rewards. :tshirt:


Yes £1k threshold. Worth it for the fashion alone.

(Rob Sexton) #48

@Cgwinning Thank you for finally explaining why it feels odd every time I do the zip up - was starting to think I was going mad!


Me too Toby - thanks :pray:t2:

(Ben) #51

@Toby @Viktor Hey, looking forward to the app - I’ve invested in the latest round in CrowdCube! Looking forward to the party!


I don’t want to build it up too much, but it’ll be the defining party of the 21st century.

(Ben) #53

I’ll hold you to that! Could I have my special flair!


Messaging you now!

(Ben) #55

Thank you!

(Chris) #56

I hope it’s good. I’m booking a night off from the kids :joy:

(Tks) #57

I’m seriously miffed that I just missed out on the R3 funding. Sera,Sera.

(Maarten) #58

@Toby @Viktor Hey, I have recently invested in the latest round on Crowdcube, could I get my flair too? :slight_smile:


A flair? Why, of course!

(Maarten) #60

Thank you!

How does it work regarding the rewards/Badges from 3rd investment round. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere…

(Viktor) #61

Good question for @JamesStorer, as he is implementing badges / flairs for your profile screen in the app. I think we will be consistent in terms of flairs you can get across the forum and the app, but visually they might look a bit different.

My profile with two flairs:


Can you please add my flair? :nerd_face:


Flair activate! Form of a flair!

(Jerzy Hawryluk) #64

One for me as well?


Sure - which round? Ps awesome handle