All stop losses triggered at wrong price

All of my stock that had triggered stop losses have been sold at the wrong price. What is going on?

I’ve had two separate limit buys not trigger today. Thought it was just something stupid I was doing, because I’m a total noob at this.

I had 11 stop losses go off at the same time. I have a spreadsheet where the stop loss figure is listed. All of the stock was well above the stop loss but it sold it anyway. Software glitch? Do I have to buy them again? Will they be reinstated? I wouldn’t mind some answers.


Stop loss is not guaranteed to sell at the specific price more so if the stocks are volatile.

Do you have details of the stock(s) in questions so we can take a look?


XL Stop loss 15.41, sold at 20.29
GRWG at 44.24, sold at 60
APHA at 13.05, sold at 16.96

I could go on, 11 in total

Doesn’t look right.

If you didn’t have any limit sell in place then raise this with FT in-app.

I have, but they can take a while to get back to you. Weird how they all triggered at the same time.

Let’s see if other people have similar issues.

I’ve just checked mine and the stop loss orders are all still in play.

Do you think I should just re-purchase the stock?

Couple of examples from mine. Can anyone advise?

That’s due to spread. The current ask for FTSE EM is £54.60 and PNPL is £0.11

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Thank you, figured I had some more learning to do :+1:

There’s also a bit more info on these posts @Keith2065 which might be useful:

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Sam, can you tell me what happened to my stop losses?

Hey @JonC

I’ve sent you a DM to get some more information so I can look into this - thanks


hey @JonC,

I’ve looked into the orders that you posted above and I can see that for those three stocks you set a sell triggered order rather than a stop loss order. A sell triggered order gets executed when the share price reaches your trigger price or any price above the trigger price. Since the prices of all three stocks jumped today you actually received a better price than what you were willing to sell it for.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.




That’s great thanks for your help. Must have clicked on the wrong one.

@thinking_hydrogen does FreeTrade show you spread information anywhere?

Nope but most websites like Yahoo finance show bid and ask prices although with a delay. Real time prices and level 2 data are extra which is useful for day traders but rarely for investors.

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Awesome, thank you @thinking_hydrogen!