Anglesey Mining Plc - AYM - Share chat

A very promising stock that has a lot of potential.
I’m very suprised it’s not on here already.

Sadly not on freetrade yet, It’s on Trading212 I got in early doors. Freetrade really need to sort this out or they will loose lots of custom

Since 1988, Anglesey Mining plc, which owns the western part of the mountain has discovered resources of 6,500,000 tonnes containing 10% combined zinc, lead, copper with some silver and gold and has permits and a plan to restart mining operations at 350,000 tonnes per year.

So what’s taking them so long??


Hi folks :ocean:

First things first. I don’t work for :freetrade:, know nothing of their internal policies and am in no way speaking for them but …

The market cap is £9m which is beyond tiny.
The volume is very erratic
The bid ask spread is over 8% which means any order would likely execute at a price quite different from what you were expecting.

All the info is on yahoo finance

Would probably have a small punt on this if it were available. Will no doubt need more funding to develop.
Not too far away - would be good to call in now and again to check the investment :smile:

They did a presentation in Proactive Investors this evening but will have to catch up on the replay.