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Cornish Metals Inc


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Can you add Cornish Metals please? It should float today on LSE AIM at 8am :slight_smile:


Admission to the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange is expected at 8am on 16th February under the symbol “CUSN”.
With rights to mine tin and copper and exposure to Cornwall’s rich lithium reserves can they please be added to the listings on admission please.


I was reading some stuff about some of the copper grades from their drills at United Downs… really high copper concentrations.

Cornwall has loads of high quality tin too… which is shooting up in price due to huge demand globally too.

Would like to see this added too as I think potential is huge.


Any developments on this one yet?


Cornish metals CUSN
When will they be on FT

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Could you add Cornish metals to free trade got a good feeling about it ?


Cornish metals news stock please

Please add CUSN before!!! :ferris_wheel:

Please can you look at adding this. Want to surport good old blighty….

'Cornish Metals ( TSX-V:CUSN, AIM:CUSN ) is an Associate Company of Osisko; Barkerville Gold Mines, a wholly owned subsidiary of Osisko Development Corp. (TSX-V:ODV), is the Company’s largest shareholder, holding 19.98% of the issued share capital.

Cornish Metals is a Canadian mineral exploration and development company focused on its mineral projects in Cornwall.’ - Cornish Metals website. The ‘Inc’ (Incorporated) is an indicator that it’s not a UK owned company.


Thanks for the info… I will check out those. I saw they are expanding there old mines to pull out the lithium….

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Make it happen Freetrade

Add this one please

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Added on app - Plus account.


I seen it, very interested in this one,

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All good news for this project. Looking to 2026 to start mining high quality Tin, Lythium and and the rest. Far bit of time to build stocks up at this price…

Existing infrastructure, the tin is there, what’s not to like?