Cornish Lithium (not publicly traded)

Cornish Lithium set to mine a “globally significant” lithium deposit in Cornwall, preparing the UK to go carbon neutral in two years time with the roll out of electric cars. The UK shaping up to be an expert manufacturer of lithium car batteries.

Let’s be patriotic and have access to this stock please! Thanks.

While it would be nice - I have strong ties to Cornwall myself. It’s not yet listed on any exchange and possibly won’t be for a few years. The best bet at the moment would be to join their mailing list and see if they do any further crowdfunding in the meantime.

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@JoeJ Cornish Lithium is an exploration company not a mining company as such and currently not listed on the stock market.
CL has raised funds via Crowdcube a number of times issuing shares which are held by Crowdcube.

Yes please and cornish mines

I would like to see this on Freetrade when it becomes available. I would like to support them.

They might not be that far from listing publicly with discussion taking place either in 2022 or 2023.