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Focussed on gold and lithium in emerging West African jurisdictions. Ironridge Resources is an African focused, diversified minerals exploration company in emerging and frontier provinces.

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Anybody holding?


@freetrade the company in the app isn’t linking to this page. It’s just throwing up an error.

Gotta share this mans DD, outstanding detail:

title updated

Requested app link to be repaired

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Hoping to get this going again many on here have invested in this ?

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I’m in but only have a few hundred shares.

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Do you know what the deal is with getting our unlisted Rica resources shares post the demerger? I asked support a while back and they weren’t sure :man_shrugging:

Seen somewhere they’ll just be selling them as they can’t hold paper shares

I’ve seen something ioo post it when I find it

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Does anyone who was holding ironridge before the demerger know about what’s happening with the Rica resources shares which we got as part of that process? Last time I asked freetrade they said there was no update but that was quite a while ago…

So Victor the CEO has died. That’s really sad for his family and friends but also a real shame for the company. He was doing a great job and was very well respected in mining circles I believe.

I’m not sure what to do with my stock now. I feel like long term it has further to run but I’m +110% and I’ve made the mistake of not taking decent profits a few times (see GGP, HE1 & EUR)!

Ewoyaa Lithium Resource Increases by a further 42% to 30.1Mt @ 1.26% Li2O -


I’m glad I decided to hold on a bit longer! Still a way to go though.

Yeah I’ll be holding long term, they’ve got a good partnership with Piedmont Lithium, alongside all the funding and 50% offtake agreement, they shouldn’t struggle to get this into production

And I’ll buy some more shares if it drops a bit into a particular price range :+1:

Looks like there have been enquiries about acquiring all or part of the company, sent the stock up 10-11% since that came out
Also considering a secondary listing on the ASX

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On April the 8th the interim CEO sold £343k or stock @ £0.57. I know there could be any number of reasons for a sale but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence to make a sale shortly after becoming CEO…

I’m still really on the fence on whether to sell some on this one. My instinct is to sell half, but I don’t really have a better plan of where to put the cash instead.

Yeah correct the spouse of the CEO (all those shares are held in her name) sold 600,000 shares.
But they have an option to buy 3.5 million shares at 12p that will/would expire on the 24th June, which would cost around £420,000 so the £342,000 they sold is very likely covering that.

It also lists a large number of options and performance options with expiry on 18th August 2023.
See RNS for more details -

I can’t comment on your choice of selling shares, that’s based on your own research/understanding of the company
But logically if you can’t find/haven’t seen a better option if you sold shares here, then obviously best to sit tight for now


Potential investment from MIIF (Ghana state owned fund), though no discussions occurred as of now.