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[Request] Premier African Minerals (PREM)

This stock is flying now… they say it’s going to 1.5p next week… will hope

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Loving it. One of my little £5 punts. Seems to be doing rather well!


24k shares @ £0.0013 avg. Up 216% of of today :sunglasses:

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127k shares currently 648% up :sweat_smile: not bad for a 60 quid investment

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You skimmed any profits yet?

The experience of one individual does not outweigh the many.

I put down £20 at 0.0030 and I’ve seen a nice increase since Friday when it hit 0.0045.

In future use limit orders and cost average down on red days.

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This seems to be a theme…


No, in it long term so will leave it.


On the rise today :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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What just happened?

  • Typical with stocks on AIM market
  • RNS from company didn’t go down well even though it looks fairly positive
  • May be market sense a placing coming soon due to this

“Premier has sufficient funds to pay the mobilisation charges from existing resources and the full drilling camp is now expected to be completed and operational by the end of April 2021.”

*I don’t hold so someone else may have a better insight on this

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thanks mate

It’s on the move again :relaxed:

Based on @thinking_hydrogen comment, it should rise up thanks to the drilling camp hopefully being operational by the end of this month.

Could start seeing results and some nice returns.

Not financial advice, DYOR/DD

Quick edit: Source for the camp info

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Moving nicely i now have 222k of shares ( not value :joy:) i see this going from strength to strength in the next 6 months / 12


Interesting to see institutions getting in now that Zulu (Lithium) drilling has commenced.

What is the relationship with Premier African Minerals?
Are they linked?