Monday Morning Milestones V - What are you looking out for this week? 👁️

Happy Monday folks :ocean: Don’t these seem to come round quicker than they used to? Its time for another Monday Morning Milestones We can get rolling this week with a few highlights from the earnings reports that caught my eye, but there are quite a few more companies that I haven’t touched on so shout out what you’re looking forward to this week -


Monday 2021-12-06T00:00:00Z

Ashtead - AHT

If you want to rent anything to do with construction Ashtead are likely going to be on your list to call. The biggest tool hire company in the country is reporting its Q2 numbers on Monday morning. It has been a good year to own Ashtead stock rising by nearly 90% in the past 12 months.

It gets a buy rating from most analysts covering it, it might not be inflation-proof but could it be safer than the rest of the market? Is anyone holding Ashtead out there? Are you happy with the future outlook? It’s trading at almost its all-time high, does this still have room to improve.

Premier African Minerals - PREM

There’s gold in them there hills I tell you!
I have to confess that I don’t know much about African mining companies, or mining companies more generally. What I do know is that for a company of its size we have a nice active thread to shout out to @579529 @Thargaffa @thinking_hydrogen from whom I stole the nice graphic)

Southern African Assets


Wednesday 2021-12-08T00:00:00Z

Gamestop - GME

It’s £GME … who knows what’s going on now. Will they launch an NFT dividend? Will the squeeze squeeze, has it squoze? We’ll know more on Wednesday - or maybe we won’t. @NoBeef @joeb is there anything you’re looking out for?


Campbells Soup - CPB

After a bruising last 7 days in the market, you might be seeking the stability and safety only offered by canned goods. There is nothing like the comfort from a bowl of hot soup with a 3.7% dividend yielding crusty roll.


Thursday 2021-12-09T00:00:00Z

Dr Martens - DOCS

Victorius in their lawsuit against the biggest fashion company in the world this week for infringing on their design pattern the cushion-soled boot maker reports their half-year numbers this week. Famously worn by everyone from The Pope to skinheads the newly public company has taken an 11% kicking since it made its debut but that’s unfair according to many analysts with upsides as far as £9 predicted.

Lulu Lemon - LULU

Widely tipped to beat earnings as people have been able to get into their retail stores, with remote working a staple will people continue to splash out on high end athleisure ? Lululemon purchased home fitness company Mirror for $500m last summer, some guidance on its revenue and users will be interesting - before the purchase Mirror had profitability pencilled in for this year.


Costco - COST

91% of Costco members renew their subscriptions and add to this the monthly trend data they have started to release and high expectations to meet. The market likes what it sees and has pushed Costs up by 15% in the last 2 months alone. Can Costco deliver on what the market is anticipating?


What are you looking out for this week? Who have I missed off?

Drop a comment with your milestones or just say Hi :wave:t2: below. These threads are always much better when the community shares what they think or know.

I’ve hidden an Easter egg :egg: link somewhere - comment below when you find it but not where you found it. :sauropod:


PREM share price is looking cheap and should they move more into gold could be a good thing with inflation being high. But I think they mainly concentrate on others metals like tungsten. Moreover, expanding their lithium sites is probably another good move. Could be worth a punt at current share price and one which could double.


Think prem could either hit 10x or 100x tbh

Being realistic: I’m expecting a drop even with good earnings. Are Black Friday sales included in q3? probably not.

Being hopeful: they’ll have smashed their targets and we’ll get a nice bump, fuelled by the realisation that Omicron is in fact the end of COVID as we know it.

Being a dreamer: after the earnings report they announce their brand new NFT marketplace and new GME token based on Loopring using Looprings L2 network with minimal gas fees for transactions. This will be a place to buy game related content and GameStop collectibles and will send the price of $GME and $LRC through the roof.

Getting carried away with the dream: they also release an NFT/crypto based dividend that requires all shorts to cover because there’s no way for them pay the dividend to the lender of the shares :orangutan::rocket::crescent_moon: etc etc


Is there anything about this gold miner that’s special?

July - Sept Aug - Oct - which is typically a low month in a lot of entertainment industries with people saving big titles for the Christmas market.

If they’re sold made up shares that won’t get the NFT dividend how would someone who now owns one of these know where they brought it from and this uncover the fraud?

Nice thread!

Much like joeb I’m expecting a great earnings report again, but I’ve no doubt we’ll see the inevitable dip thereafter. I’m not expecting any kind of announcement regarding NFT Marketplace/Dividend. That will likely come sometime in the next 2 weeks. I’ll be watching support levels after earnings and generally having a laugh on Reddit whilst buying the dip!

GME’s quarters run a month behind. So Q3 is actually Aug-Oct, and still misses Black Friday. In terms of these ‘made up shares’. There is no way to differentiate one share from another. Some may argue that their shares now registered at Computershare, in their own name, are more eligible than those not but I disagree. Although I’m not sure of the long term ramifications for the markets if this mass DRS’ing becomes a more used tactic.


Not sure there’s anything particularly special about PREM but they are debt free so thats a positive I guess but their revenue is low. Also their Zulu project expanding into lithium could pay off with the rise of EV so demand is likely to soar.

If you’re looking for gold in particular then Centamin is probably a better bet. Good dividend payer and we did see a huge rise early on in the corona crash. As we know gold is often a hedge against inflation.


Thanks @NoBeef :+1:t2:

Without sounding needy these are only worth if people like them and importantly get involved!

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This must be helpful as you can put all your effort into resources.

I’ll give both a proper look :pick:


P.S - has anyone found the egg???


I think so…


Try clicking on things and then enjoy! :musical_note:

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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore :wink:

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It’s down in Africa…

Great work @NeilB, loving these weekly threads


My (probably incorrect and massively oversimplified) understanding is that if you borrow a share to short and it has a dividend then you have to pay it to the person that lent it to you. The made up shares you speak of are just a result of people lending borrowed shares so there’s still a chain of shares that lead to an actual share. Since they can’t pay the dividend (it’s not just cash) they need to cover to get out of their position. So the last one in the chain would cover the short (increasing price) and so on until they go back to the original all the while increasing the price and creating the short squeeze.


Thanks @Schkempo

If people like the them i’ll keep writing them.


Whether you were looking for the east egg or not prepare for an earworm! Sing it with me

:musical_note: :musical_note: “It’s gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
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Enjoy explain why that’s in your head to your family all day tomorrow.

Lets take a look at some of the milestones this week and see how they fared and give them a grade


Profits up :heavy_check_mark:
Dividend up✔️
4% Share price bump✔️

Premier African Minerals image

Price flat :heavy_minus_sign:
Potentially massive lithium mine :heavy_check_mark:


I’m going to throw this bit over to people who know what they’re talking about, I waffle enough as it is! Over to you @joeb & @nobeef

Campbell’s Soup image

Revenue down :heavy_multiplication_x:
Lower profit & revenue projected :heavy_multiplication_x:
Andy Warhol once painted a can :heavy_check_mark:

Dr Martens image

Sales up 16% :heavy_check_mark:
Profits up 46% :heavy_check_mark:
An extra £10 is going on most boots :heavy_multiplication_x:
Vietnam centric supply chain under pressure :heavy_multiplication_x:

Lulu Lemon image

Sales up 30% :heavy_check_mark:
Revenue above target :heavy_check_mark:
Growth in menswear up 44% :heavy_check_mark:
Buying a home fitness company, the CEO of said company leaving and then slashing revenue forecasts by 50%… :heavy_multiplication_x:

Costco image

First Q revenue up 16% to over $50bn :heavy_check_mark:
Profit up to $1.32bn :heavy_check_mark:
Congested ports :heavy_multiplication_x:
A shortage of truck drivers✖️
Rising raw materials costs :heavy_multiplication_x:

What’s the biggest problem facing these companies this after reporting earnings this week?

  • Not enough people like soup
  • Hedge Funds [shakes fist]
  • Lions! Lions! Lions!
  • Everyone brought enough toilet roll to last until 2030
  • Nobody wants to exercise in front of a mirror, they’re exercising because they don’t like what they see in a mirror!

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