Monday morning milestones - What are you looking 👀 out for this week?

Morning Folks! :ocean:

This is the last ever Monday morning milestones of the year as nothing happens before the new year. As we get deep into December the quality of the companies to write about drops faster than 10 Downing Street aid! We’ve still got a few good ones to get our collective chops into.

Before we get started I want to thank all of those who post their musings on these threads. I hope you all find them enjoyable and just maybe a little bit useful. Much love :sauropod:


We’ve got a new game to play this week Hit, Miss or Maybe I’m asking you the dear reader to select which company you think will be a hit, a miss & a maybe. Comment below and let’s see who’s is Cathie Wood 2020 & who is Cathie Wood 2021.

Monday 20th

Nike - NKE

Nike write up

Nike is looking to report declines in nearly all major metrics and has been facing some headwinds from ongoing supply-chain disruptions, the closure of factories in Asia and ports being more bunged up than the waiting room at the enema clinic. With no sign of the logistical dried apricots the market will be look for Nike to have a handle on this situation to avoid a sell off here.


Micron Technology, Inc - MU

Micron write up

Trading up just 13% compared to the Nasdaq uprising 25% it’s fair to say that MU haven’t had it all their own way. Until mid October they were down for the year but could this be a hidden buy in the pricy NASDAQ, it’s got a PE of 16 almost half the rest of the index. Its earnings are expected to increase to $2.10 per share from $0.78 per share a year ago.


Tuesday 21st

General Mills - GIS

General Mills write up

The market expects a year-over-year decline in earnings with higher revenues when it reports results on Tuesday. The makers of many household staples could be saying cheerio to the current stock price, many analysts are expecting an all to familiar revenue up but profit down.


Blackberry - BB

BlackBerry write up

The newly carbon-neutral Canadians :canada: will be walking a little taller after landing a big contract to be the platform from with BMW will be building its automation efforts. They’re partnered with 24/25 of the biggest automakers in the world (can you guess which one they don’t have HIDE - It’s Tesla) for driving assistance of dashboard software.

BlackBerry’ still own a bunch of patents for messaging and devices, with analysts placing the value between $1bn & $1.6bn it’s a much needed windfall, so new on the progress and value could drive (pun intended) up.


Wednesday 22nd

CarMax Inc - KMX

CarMax write up

The used car market has been a great place to be for the last 12 months with prices rising to meet the supply issues for new cars. So when one of the largest used car dealers in the US posts their latest revenue look for it to top $7.5bn which is up over 45% from this time last year. For $7.5bn they could buy 1,600,000 Ferrari Laferrari, the most expensive car on autotrader or a fleet of over 450,000,000 Nissan Figaro in (almost) free trade pink.


Thursday 23rd December


Friday 24th December

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Piedmont Lithium Inc - PLL

Piedmont Lithium write up

Look I don’t know anything about this lithium miner and the stuff that I did find wasn’t particularly interesting but … who the hell do they think they are dropping a quarterly update on Christmas Eve? I had a food mind to rush up to the North Pole and update to the big man’s good/bad boy list, but our friends at Google have already trolled the MD. According to the omnipotent search engine, Keith D Phillips picture has been lifted from an obituary of a 92-year-old plaster from Ohio with the same name. Maybe you’ll think about the staff putting these results together next Christmas Keith!

Christmas Day & Boxing Day :no_entry_sign: Markets Closed :no_entry_sign:

Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th

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Wednesday 29th & Thursday 30th

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Friday 31st

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What good news are you hoping for from stock market :santa: this week?

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Another great post. Well its safe to say Blackberry is a miss


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