Monday Morning Milestones XI — Everything you need for the week ahead


Hi Folks :ocean: I hope you are all well and 2022 is treating you well, even if it is likely kicking your investments in the behind.

Stoic Nonsense

The astronaut Chris Hadfield said, about space travel, that “there is no problem so bad you can’t make it worse.” Now Commander Hadfield, best known for his zero gravity guitar playing, is very different from the marble hewn characters often associated with stoic musings. There are however headwinds for every investor at the moment so next time you did your finger hovering over the sell or buy button pause and consider the Canadian space farer “could this make things worse?”

So let’s jump right on in with the week ahead, we’ve got some big names reporting big numbers …

:page_facing_up::pen: = Earnings Report / Trading Statement
:moneybag::calendar: = Ex-Dividend date
:money_with_wings::mag: = Dividend payment
:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: = Macro / Market Wide
:sauropod: :dollar: = If it sounds like I’m talking up my own stock then trust your instincts - I am!

Monday 24th

Logitech - LOGI

Are you a fan of a bargain? Then you should at least have given a look at Swiss based maker of computer peripherals and software. Dropping from a high of of $130+ It’s taken a bettering and while its not back to pre pandemic levels neither is the revenue. Logitech now boasts a P/E of 14 which is substantially lower than its exchange mates in the NSDAQ of 37. Could value plays start to open them selves up again?

Other notable earnings calls today include IBM & Oil giant Halliburton.

:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: PMI - Japan, UK, France, German, Euro Zone & The US. What is the PMI? Produced monthly is a survey of the managers in charge of buying materials in the manufacturing sector.

Tuesday 25th

Microsoft - MSFT

:sauropod: :dollar:
There are few things in life on which you can always rely; Gravity, James Cordon being annoying and Microsoft beating earnings estimates have all been constants. If you’ve been living under a rock you would have missed their intention to buy Activision Blizzard in a monster $70bn+ deal which came out last week. I believe that this is would have been saved to the earnings call if the numbers weren’t a headline on their own. The fact this came as a stand alone announcement suggests the numbers are good enough for their own headline slot.


Other notable earnings calls today include Verizon, Johnson and Johnson, Amex GE & 3M

:moneybag::calendar: DNUT Krispy Kreme

:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: USA - Latest consumer confidence survey released. Will inflation send confidence?

Wednesday 26th

:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: US Federal reserve interest rate decision. Will they raise rates to tackle inflation? The market is pricing in no change, are they right? We’ll find out on Wednesday.
:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: Canada intrest rate decision

Tesla - TSLA

If I were to tell you that for the last 12 months Tesla had unperformed the S&P500 you’d probably not believe me but after checking you’d pull a quizzical face and then have no choice. For a stock that is such a wild ride its been a poor 12 months but all that could be set to change with the Q4 numbers of which big things are expected.

Keep an :eye: out for
Production estimate for 2022 of +1.5m
Update on Austin & Berlin factories
Any news on my cybertruck?


Boeing - BA

We already know that Boeing delivered 99 commercial airplanes during Q4 which is below the 103 analysis expected. Still, that is the largest number of deliveries since the pandemic caused chaos for the travel industry. Boeing delivered 340 during 2021, up from 157 in 2020 but still below 2019. Sitting on a chunky $290bn order book for over 4,000 flying machines and expected to ramp production past 600 in 2022.

The Boeing valuation has basically been treading water for 12 months and if you believe, as they do, that the 737MAX issue is now behind them it could be a company worth a close look.

Other notable names with earnings reports today include AT&T, Levi Strauss, Sage & Oxford Biodynamics.

Thursday 27th

Apple - APPL

:sauropod: :dollar:
Tim Cook and co stopped giving detailed guidance at the beginning of the pandemic so we don’t have an internal guide to measure against which means Thursday Q4 update will be judged against external analysts projections rather than internal guidance. Q4 is important for Apple because it will include the numbers of the iPhone 13 sold in its first few months as well as holiday revenues. We’re yet to see a what the giant cash pile ($200bn) is going to be used for, could we see a special dividend, share buy backs or supply chain strengthening? I’m on the record that Apple should have brought Peleton months ago but I doubt we’ll see that sort of announcement.

Keep an :eye: on

  • Revenue on or around $120bn
  • iPhone revenue above $70bn

Robinhood - HOOD

The major repricing has been felt in few places worse than Sherwood Forest with the Gen Z stock broker that everyone loves to hate down 81% from its peak. Data from last year shows that a Robinhood customer trades each dollar 40x compared to legacy brokers like Charles Schwab. Any reduction in trade volumes is bad news given the transactional nature of their business, a falling market might just signal a reduction. Crypto trading has also made Robinhood wealthy, with Bitcoin down 17% last week and Etherum down 24% future guidance in this market will be closely watched.


Other notable names with earnings reports today include Visa, MasterCard, McDonald’s, Hertz, Diagio :sauropod::dollar: & Deutsche bank

:money_with_wings::mag: AUTO Autotrader
:money_with_wings::mag: BRBY Burberry
:moneybag::calendar: Victrex VCT 96.14p 4.29%
:moneybag::calendar: Paragon Banking PAG 18.9p 3.20%
:moneybag::calendar: PFZ Pfizer
:mag_right: :globe_with_meridians: US 4th Quarter GDP numbers released.

Friday 28th

Chevron - CVX

Here is a riddle for you, how does a stock climb 40& in a year but only 11% in 5 years? The answers is be in the oil business. Chevron have been beneficiaries in the rebound in crude oil prices, the troubles in Kazakhstan and the oft repeated mantra that “oil companies are under valued” with a P/E of 24 this is barely true (S&P500 average = 28). Analyst believe this still has legs touting upsides of up to 30%. Insiders however have been cashing out with more sales in the last 3 months than in the preceding 24.

:money_with_wings::mag: FXP - Ferrexpo
:money_with_wings::mag: NXT - Next
:moneybag::calendar: F - Ford

Its :australia: Australia :australia: Day on Wednesday, so let’s find out which upside down dweller, is your favourite lass or fella?

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Excellent as always, and a pic of Kylie on a Monday morning :heart_eyes:

Gonna be a interesting week, lets hope for a little less of a rough ride than last week :laughing:


Love it. A little light hearted entertainment in troubling times. Keep them coming please.

My must watch this week is Tesla. Hoping it won’t be a repeat of Netflix last week. Although that in itself may work out as an opportunity.


Now you got me wondering “Do I really want to re-balance?” :rofl:

:clap: :clap: Another cracking start to the week as usual!


The noises coming out of the Tesla bull community are very positive, only time will tell if it’s talk or action.

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A portfolio is only the concern of its owner and if you feel it matches your overall journey then listen to the astronaut and do nothing.


How the pic looking on a Monday night? She’s everyone’s favourite Aussie so far!


:rofl: Definately the highlight of the day, given how my portfolio is looking right now :rofl:
More Kylie please :+1:


I’ll stick todays earnings beat in the win column for me :sauropod: - shame the share price didn’t get the message!


When you’re in supply chain hell who better to have at the helm than a supply chain guy. Tim Apple proving again that despite a difficult macro economic climate investing in good companies delivers good results.

Revenue of $123bn & iPhone sales of $71bn. The stock is trading up 5% pre market.


Any Robinhood holders might want to stay under the duvet all day today and not read the next bit.

The market isn’t as fun when the stocks are red and lot harder to day trade and make money. Active users down, Crypto revenue down to $51m from $233m.

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