Monday Morning Milestone - Everything you need to know for the week ahead IX

Hi Folks :ocean:

Were all back into the swing of things, the sound of an alarm shattering your slumber is again a regular fixture and coffee has returned to its status a lubricant without which the engine just won’t work, but there is always 5 mins to see what could affect your investments this week.

Shout out to everyone still putting away their Christmas decorations!

I’ve been starting 2022 trying to be a little more stoic - have we got any Seneca-heads reading this today, any Epictitus-ites?

One thing that has stuck out for me is a quote that I’ll share in the hope that it makes navigating the week a little easier. This is not an excuse for selfishness but a reminder to focus completely on what you can control.

With philosophy 101 out of the way we can get into the week ahead, this is not a complete list but some interesting bits that caught my attention, if you’ve got anything on your radar drop it in the comments below.

So here we go …

:page_facing_up::pen: = Earnings Report
:moneybag::calendar: = Ex-Dividend date
:money_with_wings::mag: = Dividend payment
:package::page_with_curl: = Trading Statement

Monday, January 10th

Monday, January 10th

:page_facing_up::pen: GOGL - Go-Ahead Group

It’s been a torrid time for anyone who is holding Go Ahead. Late last year they lost the south eastern rail franchise and their CFO. The Transport industry has been a tough place to operate for nearly 2 years now but I don’t know if anyone is rushing in to buy just yet.
There is a great video from Wendover Productions (who make amazing content and you should subscribe) all about the failed UK privatisation of the railway here if you want to check it out, I learned a lot!

:page_facing_up::pen: TILY - Tilray

Down 90% from its February 2021 high :wink: the Canadian cannabis company announced in December that it signed a deal to buy Breckenridge Distillery. With the acquisition, they hope to turn the Colorado producer of whiskey into a non-alcoholic distilled spirits that are infused with cannabis makers. The market didn’t respond overly well - at what point will this keep dropping?


Wednesday 12th

Wednesday, January 12th

:page_facing_up::pen: INFY - Infosys

The $100bn Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company after Tata and report figures this week. Carrying very low debt and boasting a healthy 29% profit margin could be one to watch if they can beat expectations this week.

:money_with_wings::mag: BWY - Bellway 82.5p
:money_with_wings::mag: RMG - Royal Mail Group 6.7p + 20p :sauropod::+1:

:package::page_with_curl: JD - JD Sports
:package::page_with_curl: SBRY - Sainsbury’s
:package::page_with_curl: JET - Just Eat

Thursday 13th

Thursday, January 13th

:page_facing_up::pen: TSM - Taiwan Semi-Conductors

Reports of semiconductors ordered up 10% for Nov / Dec could be a good sign for the Taiwan based manufacturer. One question I had after looking over TSM which I’m hoping someone will be able to answer, over the last 12 months they’re up 0.7%, compare that to NVDA +100% AMD 35%?

:page_facing_up::pen: DAL - Delta

Is now the time to buy airline stocks with fears of omicron appearing to be waining could you be tempted to take a flyer :wink: on Delta? The full-year figures are unlikely to be a fun read but future guidance is going to be interesting.
Another Wendover Productions shoutout: Are you interested in my airline don’t make much money? How Airlines Quietly Became Banks - YouTube

:moneybag::calendar: NXT - Next 2.05%
:moneybag::calendar: DOCS - Dr Martens 0.33% First ex-dividend date :cherries:
:moneybag::calendar: SSE - SSE 1.56%

:money_with_wings::mag: GSK - Glaxo Smithklein 19p

:package::page_with_curl: DLNM - Dunelm Group
:package::page_with_curl: HFD - Halfords
:package::page_with_curl: TSCO - Tesco
:package::page_with_curl: ASC - Asos
:package::page_with_curl: MKS - Marks & Spencer

Friday 14th

Friday, January 14th

It’s all about the banks today, what’s the collective noun for a group of bankers I wonder … :money_mouth_face: nkey_face:

:page_facing_up::pen: JPM - JP Morgan Chase

:page_facing_up::pen: WFC - Wells Fargo

:page_facing_up::pen: BLK - Black Rock

:page_facing_up::pen: C - Citigroup

Trialing 1-year stock price performance graph Google Finance

Interest rates are rising, the federal reserve minutes showed they’re planning 4 rises in 2022, 3 in 2023 and 2 more in 2024 potential hitting 2.25%, joint highest since 2018. This is good for business when you lend money.

Citigroup is sitting on a P/E of 6.33 and paying 3.10 & dividend yield while JPM & WFC look very attractive.

:money_with_wings::mag: EVR - Evras Steel 14.84p
:money_with_wings::mag: BME - B & M Bargains 25p

What have I missed this week, are there any stocks you’re excited about reporting or paying this week?


I believe it is a “Wunch” of Bankers :slight_smile:


Templeton Emerging Markets paid divi today :+1:

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Definitely excited about the Royal Mail (RMG) dividend this week! The last two years in particular have been a rollercoaster for this stock but signs for a more stable year in the 500s look good :smiley:

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I’ll be refreshing every hour! It was a inflation safety buy and the special dividend made my buy more and quicker.

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Hope it turns up quicker than my mail over the last few months!


I was expecting TSM to report on Thursday, either way its a good result but the needle hasn’t moved that much.

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A nice 5% bump from the reports today, if only someone could have highlighted this before it happened eh?!

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