Milestone IV - What to look out for in the week ahead 2022/11/29

Happy monday folks :ocean: and welcome to this weeks milestones thread. It’s a bit of a lighter week for exciting earnings updates this week, I’m sure that’ll mean the markets are much less volatile! Normally we focus on earnings calls as reason to be cheerful, or not, but with the arrival of Omicron on these shores it’s likely going to be a week where checking your emotions might be beneficial.


Have you got any Doctors, Nursers or key workers on this thread? I’m sure the community will join me in saying Ta! You’re all doing a smashing job. Let’s all hope we get a better winter this year, I know I’ll be rocking my pink Freetrade face mask.


SalesForce - CRM

$6.8 billion - that’s the number pinned to the Q2 earning from the tower adorning software giant. Any indication of how well they’re integrating and monetising their bank busting purchase of Slack would be good to see. @CYBER posted a fantastic chart showing the successes salesforce have had with some of the acquisitions- if slack gets anywhere close they be happy. Swing over to the CRM thread to see what’s going on.


The Aussies miner are bringing their latest results to both LSE & ASX this week for one of the last times as they hope to delist from the LSE (what to do if a stock delists) it’s not a done deal but would be a blow for London and UK investors.

BHP have been busy preparing to spin their petroleum business and investing in potash (which isn’t mash potato laced with weed) but this hasn’t stopped at 25% pull back since August. It’s often a folly to pay to much attention to a backward looking indicator like dividend yield by 11% will certainly get some attention.

With a single digit PE are you thinking of adding this to your portfolio as a hedge against inflation? @J4ckSt4yn3s you know your potash from cobalt what says you about BHP?


Snowflake - SNOW

ZM reported numbers disappointed the market and that signalled the end of the good times so naturally snowflake took a $20bn punch on to the chin.

Let’s not dance beat around the bush, a huge amount of future growth has already been baked into the current share price when we’re not expecting snowflake to be profitable for another 3 years. To fend off the fears of inflation and to stop investors taking their 30% ytd gains and running they’ll need a boost to revenue and customers, look for 20% year on year.


Molten Ventures - GROW

I hold £GROW Stock

Formerly named Draper Espirt this VC fund are large backers of this fair platform along with stakes :cut_of_meat: in Revoult, Trust Pilot & Cazoo.

All of the metrics look really healthy and an update on their portfolio could well boost this further. This looks undervalued by many as the markets don’t appear to have noticed the 1.33 price to book and 4.6 P/E.


Countryside Properties - CAP

You’d think that rampant house prices for the past 18 months would be great news for house builders but after trading sideways for 12 months the market doesn’t appear to have got the message. The reason might well lie in the headwinds facing the whole inistry: costs for the bricks and other materials that go into their houses have been rising, Labour is shorter than ever & interest rates looking like they’ll be rising in early 2022. An end to the super super cheap mortgages might squeeze buyer and therefore margins too.


AJ Bell - AJB

Is it a coincidence that stock in AJ Bell drop 5% after Freetrade announced their crowdfunding round? Crowdfunding you say, shhhh it’s really a secret and freetrade don’t want everyone to know about it.

For AJ Bell stock brokering is a good business to be , your customers are stuck paying huge fees for each trade & fear of moving accounts keeps people where they are. AJ Bell are sitting on 80m in cash (most of which has come from @cashcow) but that builds nicely when you’re making 33% margins.


Wise - WISE

I hold some £WISE stock but I wish I didn’t!

What can I say about Wise that @lewisharding Wise 💰➡️🌍 - £WISE - Share chat - #168 by LewisHarding & @beatrice Wise 💰➡️🌍 - £WISE - Share chat - #156 by beatrice haven’t said so much better that I could. Over to you @beatrice & @lewisharding

We’ll that me done but this isn’t about me waffling on, it’s about everyone - what are you looking out for this week. Heck what life milestone have you got coming up? I’m trying to sit still so I can get over a chest infection but I don’t like sitting still so we’ll see how that goes! I also ate the Mac n cheese with stuffing in it from Pret. Food heaven :pray:t2: or food hell :fire:

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>>>angry grumbling and muttering<<<


You may want to see a vet cc that sounds like it could turn in to murrain and you don’t want that.


also crowdstrike is this week, I didn’t realise haha. I swear I only find out about earnings calls a day or two before :see_no_evil:

for wise I am hoping to see more details on Wise Platform (other banks using Wise) :slight_smile:

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I saw crowdstrike but picked snowflake for the cyber companies, it’s not interesting to read about too many companies in the same space.

If you see any coming up and want me to cover them let me know - I’d love for this thread to become a community project

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TIL $SNOW is reporting earnings this week too… I really am blind!

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Wise having a stellar day so far long may it continue.

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It’s great to see it finally turn a corner!

I’m taking three days of cold turkey and will decide on Friday whether I want to do anything. I know my holdings are as conservative as I am prepared for them to be barring a total flight to cash or cash-like, and I find it difficult to believe at this stage that this is what Omicron means (my portfolio was already setup on the assumption that we were approaching a contraction before Omicron though). If I were to be convinced that Omicron is likely to represent a total reset of the pandemic then maybe I would go further but it’s not a decision I’m going to emotionally rush.


With a P/E, after an 11% drop, of 100 nobody likes to see a conservative forecast for Q4 earnings.

What a nice surprise you’ll get when the market opens, up 16% in pre market trading.

30% seems daft when Snowflake delivered over 100%!

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