Milestones III - What to look out for in the week ahead 2021/11/22

Happy monday folks :ocean: and welcome to this weeks milestones thread. If you’ve not had the misfortune of reading a poorly research thread that enables my crippling addition to obscure GIF’s then your in for a real treat! If however you have read this before and you came back you might need to have a long hard think about how you use your free time. This week we’ve got a billionaire who went all in, video calling & a share price falling &


So grab a cuppa tea while we have a gander and the week -

Zoom - ZM

Analysts forecasts
High - $571.91
Median - $350.00
Low - $145.00

Zoom are reporting their Q3 number this week and the expectations is for the biggest lockdown darling since banana bread to announce revenues of $1.02 billion, up 31.28% from this time last year. After having a deal lined up to buy cloud based call centre provider Five9 fall though thanks to the continuing drop in their share price a plan for the future would be well received.

Looking at its valuation, ZM needs to produce the numbers, while analyst are offering a hold recommendation this still seems expensive and that’s AFTER dropping 42% over the last 12 months. It faces strong completion from the world second largest company, MSFT, who’s teams product is on many peoples desktops & Salesforce with their newly acquired multibillion dollar co working software Slack.

If you want to join a zoom to listen to people on said zoom talk about zoom then you’re in luck!


Dell Computers - Dell

Analysts forecasts
High - $121.00
Median - $70.00
Low - $59.00

Like all hardware manufacturers supply-chain problems will be a major topic of conversation in coming earnings calls. The key question for investors who are hardware producers is whether orders are being delayed or destroyed (not happening). Shortages during the busy Black Friday → Christmas shopping window could result in gift-givers simply buying something, with loved ones unwrapping a jumper instead of the much anticipated laptop. No one is unaffected by this but how much the market will punish Dell is yet to be seen. Keep your eyes on $27.36 billion, up a healthy 16.3% this time last year, anything over this could send the stock into the green while red awaits for much worse.


Xpeng - XPEV

Analysts forecasts
High - $556.10
Median - $370.14
Low - $161.56

Manufacturing 10,000+ cars for the second month in a row Xpeng is making a play for the crown of Chinese EV makers from NIO. The grand unveiling of the G9, a brand new SUV, this weekend aims to grab headlines with the ability to charge 200 km (124 mi) of range in five minutes! The foaming mouth excitement that investors showed towards Tesla, Rivian & Lucid in the last 2 weeks doesn’t appear to be contagious, if the analysts are right you’re looking at 300% - 1100% upside in this stock. Are we putting you down for the new flying car they recently announced @Drew

John Deere - DE

Analysts forecasts
High - $480.00
Median - $415.00
Low - $297.00

On Thursday for the final time over 10,000 works called out STRIKE for the last time, with a deal being struck to end the month long strike.

A massive push to rebuild the crumbling U.S. infrastructure will soon be underway. Trillions will be spent and someone needs to sell the machinery to do the work. Higher commodity prices might leave farmers with a little more money in their pockets John Deere will be hoping the will tempt them to upgrade that tractor. Lets hope good times are ahead for the green and yellow.


Big Yellow - BYG

High - $18.46
Median $14.50
Low $11.40

Let’s see what Big Yellow have in store, get it!, this week - After raising £100m this summer to expand sites signs of this being deployed will be hotly anticipated from investors. New of the interim dividend should be included in this update, having paid 17p twice in a row will they increase this? Owned largely by institutions should keep this stock fairly stable, so long as the dividend remain big and … green.


AO World - AO.

Bolton based online appliance retiree and ruiner of a Ramones song report their interim number this week. Its taken a battering this year after reporting lower than expected number last time round with he share price dropping a 68% in a year.

Low margin business are are more risk than most when disruption rears its head and the three horsemen of this potential apocalypse are staff shortages, high fuel prices and ongoing supply chain issues. AO are claiming to have put in place measure to help mitigate the challenges, how successful will they be?

It’s not all doom and gloom with revenue and profits expected to smash past the pre pandemic levels there are reason to like this one.

Amigo Loans - AMGO

Why are you writing about the sub-prime 49.9% miss-selling accused lender Amigo loans I hear you ask? Well because just looking at the share price you might assuming, it was nice high so it’ll come back - you couldn’t be more wrong.

Saddled with millions in misselling compensation claims and the high court throwing out their plan to limit compensation to 10p in the £ things don’t look good for the Bournemouth based loan shark (too harsh). When reporting the full year numbers in the summer the CEO said “The full year results are extremely disappointing. Virtually every number you look at is very poor” and there doesn’t look like any better news on the horizon.


Jump in the comments below, what do you think of Xpeng, are they the next Tesla or the next Lordstown Motors.

What do you think of the future for Zoom, can they acquire anyone with this volatile share price?


Well that’s all for now from a grown man who pretended he was a friendly dinosaur for a lot longer than is healthy, :ocean: and none of this is investment advice and if it were you should trust the cartoon dinosaur guy? Think on that. :sauropod:



All I can say about Amigo is :man_facepalming:


I was surprised they were still limping on to be honest.


AO RNS out. I think they’ve managed the challenges alright, EBITDA still expected to be £10-20m. Revenue flat or slightly down though. Stock getting battered obviously.


Net debt rising so fast could be concerning

When you’re a growth stock the markets don’t like growth slowing. I fear this’ll keep dropping until it reached 10/12x earnings which would be a further fall of 20% from todays values.

As a Bournemouthian I couldn’t be less proud :relaxed:

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:wave: For your next issue, £WISE is reporting earnings on the 30th supposedly (I have yet to find a link to listen in…)

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I really hope they can deliver the goods and arrest this side. For the sake of my sanity alone!

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Pre market is up 1.5%, against a back drop of tech punishment we’ll see what happens when the rest of the market gets to react.

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13% jump anyone? Robotaxis? :robot: :taxi:!

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Sorting out the strike and projecting to double the previous annual revenues does wonders for your stock price.

You can’t help but wonder if the C(hef) Suite knew these numbers would smell good and dealt with strike before the workers saw how much bigger the venison pie in the oven was.

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Revenue up was 24% and they announced an 20.6 pence per share interim dividend

Nine of the targeted 14 sites now have planning which would be a increase 60% of capacity.

The £97m raised this summer was used to buyout the rest of two sites Armadillo & West Kensington.

Non Sipp & Non ISA means I won’t be buying it anytime soon. Shame.


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