Xpeng 🔋🚘 - XPEV

It’s possible that XPENG will IPO soon on the US Stockmarket. Is it possible for Freetrade to grab this as soon as it goes onto the market? The P7 is a very very exciting car and I wouldn’t mind a slice of the company !

They’ve sold 6972 so far this year. NIO has delivered 17,702. Since NIO is currently at over $21bn and Xpeng sells lower margin vehicles I’d be interested if its priced below $6bn which may happen since it was valued at $3.5bn only in July. I actually like it more than NIO since its more mass market, develops its own software, focuses on long range batteries and is looking to manufacture in house as well.

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Agree would be good to get hold of this ASAP

Hey everyone, we’ll do our best, yes!

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The P7 is actually very impressive and has been received well, they also have the G3 on the market which is selling well also

See these few vids:

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Xpeng Inc. is set to raise $1.28 billion after guiding its U.S. initial public offering above a marketed range, people familiar with the matter said, showing strong investor interest in the sector is not abating.

The company is telling prospective investors that it’s planning to price the shares at $15 each, according to the people, asking not to be identified as the information is private. The EV maker was offering 85 million shares at $11 to $13 apiece.

Xpeng will finalize the pricing later on Wednesday, the people said. A representative for Xpeng declined to comment.

Strong share price gains this year by Tesla Inc. and NIO Inc. have stoked investor demand in the sector and prompted similar companies to go public. Li Auto, another Chinese EV startup which increased the size of its U.S. IPO, has since climbed 59% from its offer price.

Guangzhou-based Xpeng closed its latest funding round for a total of $900 million, according to its filings. Qatar Investment Authority put in $100 million, while Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala invested another $100 million, the company said in the prospectus. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. also contributed $215 million, boosting its investment in Xpeng.

Credit Suisse Group AG, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp. is leading the offering. Xpeng is scheduled to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday under the symbol XPEV.

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Looks like IPO is tomorrow!!


Interesting. Nio is at $24bn. Li is at 19bn.

Nio H1 sales: 14,048 (high end, no new releases)
Li H1 sales: 9,667 (high end, new release but its not a pure EV)
XPeng H1 sales: 5,663 (mass market, new release at end of period).

Based on those figures and its peers you could say a fair float should be ~$10bn, although Xiapengs market is larger than the other two.

Predictable pop. Going to wait until its way into the teens before dabbling, not worth at $15bn+

Any chance we can this new IPO stock launched today on this app?

Just had IPO today, could be the next NIO. Anyone?

Working on this, may be tomorrow though.

In future, we’ll look to do IPO day.


Thanks Sam. I’m a noob here and XPENG coming is very good news.

Hi, any update on this? Would like to purchase as soon as the market opens


It’s on ladies and gents!


The balance of power now seems to have shifted from Nio to Xpeng. Autonomous announcement yesterday


I’d like to think X Peng can offer a more main stream line of vehicles affordable to more customers than NIO being a bit more high end more Tesla like either way with petrol and diesel being phased out I think there’s only one way both companies are guna go and that’s slowly upwards till 2025 - 2030


momentum with Xpeng again today +34.12%, Nio +12.46%


What a day … I didn’t buy in at $22 … but yeh unbelievable result today onwards and upwards as they say !


XPENG will be fighting TESLA in China’s electric vehicle market next year.