GreenPower Motor Company Inc (GP) - Share chat

EV bus company based in Canada currently and looking to be listed on the NASDAQ in the near future. Suggest watching this vid for more info and voting up.

This company is going to be huge once it lists on the Nasdaq.


Definitely want to see this on Freetrade


Would be great to get this one as soon as it is listed.

Future symbol GP

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Please add this stock, I want to be rich :sweat_smile:


Please add!

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Any chance of a response Freetrade? It was listed on the NASDAQ today and Xpeng has just been added to freetrade today having less votes than GP


Why is XPENG added but not this stock? Weird…

Anyone heard any news on whether any UK platforms offer this yet?

Trading 212 offer it

Any update when this will be added? Thanks @Viktor

Bump - This stock is preventing me moving my ii account to Freetrade. Would love to see it added

Any update on Greenpower Motor Company being added? This is at least a 5x company.

Up from $18ish to $27 since you posted


I know. I requested it at $9 as well but no response from freetrade whatsoever about whether it is being added

I bought it around $2, lol.


Brilliant! Though you didn’t on freetrade!

I though it was already on Freetrade.

Unfortunately not. Freetrade haven’t provided any update as to whether they will be adding it or not

So if Freetrade dont add GP how can someone in UK buy ?