Green power motor company

GreenPower Motor Company, (GPV.V in Canada) is listed on the Toronto Venture stock exchange. They make purpose built EV passenger vans, typically 40 or so passengers, They also make EV school buses. And they just came out with an EV platform product where they sell to OEMS who can then make cube vans, motorhomes, etc.

They have been going for a few years and have been quietly doing solid work and now plan to list in the US.

Company website

I think as all transport moves to electrification this company has enormous potential with the types of vehicles it will electrify.
It would be great if it was available on FT, either as a Canadian stock or the US one when it lists.

Oops, just seen this thread. GreenPower Motor Company Inc (GP) - Share chat - #4 by Leito

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