Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF (DRIV)

The Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF (NASDAQ:[ DRIV ] is one of the auto ETFs that is a play on the future industry; [a future that is destined] to include autonomous vehicles and many more plug-in and hybrid cars. In other words, DRIV has the potential to be an exciting auto ETF.

I’m not an ETF investor; but would like to know if we have a UK version or sumthing similar play in autonomous driving address to UK investors.

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Global X etfs are based in the US and cannot generally be added.

Yes @SebReitz, that why I referred if their is an alternative or simply play for UK investors.

I’d be going for BCN Bacanora Minerals as they have lithium mining for the EV vehicles and have backing from Ganfeng the world’s second largest battery producer. They’re at the bottom of the cost curve and will soon flourish in my opinion.

I would highly recommend not to substitute a low-risk etf with a small company that does run a loss and hasn’t even had revenue for the last years. This stock is highly highly speculative and massively risky.


It’s key to point out that, whilst fairly significant, there isn’t as much lithium in an EV battery as you’d think.


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Thanks @Cactus I’ve small position in BCN, LAC & BATT(ETF)

I’m planing to building a new portfolio for a friend of mine, with Minimalist stock to manage.

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Fully aware of the amount of lithium in an EV battery. Thanks for the read :+1:

Highly speculative I agree. Not suggesting to replace a low risk etf but I personally believe this will fly first in Feb then in March and again in early summer. With every investment we must all be diligent.

What about this one?


Thanks @Dave :blush:
It seems like this is what I was looking for, I’ll just deeper into this one.

iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology has been suggested in a thread. Vote for it if you have an interest

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